NECO’s Digital Revolution: Streamlining Supervisor Recruitment Process

NECO's Digital Revolution: Streamlining Supervisor Recruitment

NECO’s Digital Revolution: Streamlining Supervisor Recruitment Process

The National Examinations Council (NECO) has embarked on a significant initiative to combat fraudulent practices in the recruitment process for Examination Supervisors and Assistant Supervisors for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) Internal and External. To enhance efficiency and ensure transparency, the Council has transitioned to a digital recruitment process.

According to a statement by Azeez Sani, the Director of Information and Digital Communication, the digitalization of the recruitment process marks a decisive step towards eliminating malpractices. This shift from manual to digital processes aims to streamline operations and improve service delivery across the board.

The statement emphasizes that digitalization is not merely a temporary measure but a permanent fixture within the Council’s operations. It replaces the traditional manual methods entirely.

Under the new system, the entire recruitment process, including submitting Supervisors Nomination forms, issuing Appointment Letters, and creating Supervisors e-photo Albums, will be conducted online. Additionally, the routine swapping of supervisors and assistant supervisors during examinations will be facilitated through the online platform.

NECO has extended an invitation to qualified teachers holding various educational qualifications, including NCE, Degree Certificate, Master’s Degrees, PhDs, and even Professors, to apply for positions as Supervisors and Assistant Supervisors for BECE or SSCE Internal or External examinations.

The move to digitize the recruitment process comes in response to previous challenges associated with manual recruitment, which were plagued by fraudulent activities. By embracing digitalization, NECO aims to ensure fairness, integrity, and efficiency in its recruitment procedures, thereby upholding the credibility and reliability of its examinations.


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