Minister: Last UK evacuation aircraft from Sudan depart Wednesday


The British government has recommended its people who wish to escape Sudan proceed to Port Sudan, where the final evacuation plane is due to depart on Wednesday.

As fighting between several armed factions in Sudan enters its third week, the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Minister, James Cleverly, recommended residents follow the government’s travel advice for the nation.

“After a successful evacuation of 2341 people on 28 flights, the last UK flight is expected to leave Port Sudan tomorrow,” Cleverly tweeted. “The evacuation took place over the course of 28 flights.”

The government released a statement on Wednesday directing British nationals to report at the Coral Hotel by 10 a.m.

Despite increased air strikes and gunfire in the Khartoum capital area since their last alleged agreement, warring military groups have agreed to a new and longer seven-day ceasefire that will begin on Thursday.


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