Luxury Hotels Reach Out to Guests Who are Under Lockdown

Luxury Hotels Reach Out to Guests Who are Under Lockdown
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At the moment, everyone is under lockdown due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Many who used to go to the big hotels for vacation don’t have the opportunity. Despite the limitations in traveling, luxury hotels have chosen to entertain from afar.  Now, the hotels have to reach out to the guests online. Here are several specialists to help you learn new skills while at home.

Luxury Montana Resort

It is one of the biggest Resorts at Paws Up. The resort is assisting travelers while at home to brush up their wilderness experience. They are doing this through an Instagram Live series known as Live from Big Sky Country. Do not be left behind, reach out to them, and enjoy their service. The Montana resort is also enlightening people with fishing tips.

Furthermore, it is also sharing information on how to look for cooking ingredients while in the wilderness. They are also one of the best choices in making a gourmet campfire. Do you need to add new skills in making your bedroom soothing sleep heaven? Reach out to Luxury Montana. For instance, they have developed a team to assist you in mastering these tips.

Rosewood Mayakoba is sharing guidelines on exercise recommendations as well as tips on how to make a home herb garden. Furthermore, she is sharing tutorials on how to perfect your golf game. Playa hotel chief director is also enlightening on how to make natural skin curbs, especially from coffee and coconut oil.

11-Salviatino hotel

A 15th-century country-house based in Tuscany, Italy, is here to assist you. Silvia Grossi is the managerial chef of 11-Salviatino. At the moment, Silvia is offering cooking lessons to Italians to better their experience in the kitchen. According to reports, Grossi is providing the training twice a week from her home kitchen. She is using short videos to teach- most of them are under five minutes.

The videos are in Italian or English, but the recipes are in both languages. Grossi is training people on how to prepare foodstuffs such as homemade pizza, gnocchi, and chickpea veloute. Additionally, Silvia is helping people master the art of the craft cocktail. For instance, she is teaching travelers the tricks to make beloved mixed drinks with cocktail demos. According to the reports, she is doing this from the Langham hotel bar in London.

Music and self-care specialists

Music is one of the primary ways to keep your mind relaxed, especially now as you are at home because of the outbreak. For instance, Guatemala Casa Palopo has come up with a regional playlist for its guests to enjoy. Similarly, Stellaris Casino, Aruba Marriott Resort, as well as Villas Turks, are producing island music for you. Besides, Nashville hotel has local musicians to keep the music playing on their social platforms.


Despite the governments’ command to stay indoors, we have a chance to entertain ourselves. Reach out to the above specialists, and your lockdown won’t be annoying. Bottom-line, let us not panic; instead, we should be open-minded to come up with new ideas and carriers.



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