Lesotho’s First Lady, Maesaiah Thabane faces a charge of murdering rival

Lesotho’s first lady Murder mystery

Lesotho’s first lady, Maesaiah’s Thabane, faces alleged accusations for murdering her rival and co-wife, Lipolelo Thabane. They have charged eight other suspect culprits for accomplices to the killing. They assassinated the deceased two days before the inauguration of the Prime Minister, Thomas Thabane. Investigations reveal that they assassinated the lady on her way home. She was shot outside her abode in Maseru from a close distance by heavily armed men in cold blood. Hence rendering her immediate death. During the Prime Minister’s swearing-in ceremony, he described the act as very inhumane and sought justice for his deceased wife.

Following the murder, the Prime Minister’s wife is alleged to have conspired in it. Especially after her attempts to flee from the country in response to her arrest warrant. It initially contemplated that anonymous shooters conducted the murder, however, close examinations have led to a different path. The county police commissioner, Holome, provided a different form of evidence linking the first lady to the crime scene consequent to a call that transpired between her and the alleged hitmen.

Alleged claims on the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister agreed to cooperate in the investigations from which they interrogated him on the murder mystery. This attributed to the fact that both he and Lipolelo were never in good terms, especially after the witnessed cynical court proceedings on their divorce. Both had been living in different homes since 2012 hence clear enough they were facing marital conflicts. On the day of his interrogations, masses of opposition enthusiasts paraded the streets claiming his resignation. Due to the intensifying pressure, Prime Minister Thomas agreed to step down but with no specific date. He further stated that his decision to resign had no relation to the alleged claims on his wife.

The murder allegations have significantly impacted the Prime Ministers’ political career as there are further claims him being in power disrupts the investigation. This is because the majority feel him being in authority; the case of justice prevailing seems quite improbable. This since the Prime Minister might manipulate court rulings, especially as the evidence points fingers to his family.

The First lady’s misfortunes

Word has it that the court would deny she’s attempt to seek bail. This concerns her attempted flight. In which the cooperation between her lawyers and the police led to her capture in South Africa on Tuesday. The lady later handed herself in for question as she was a person of interest in the murder. As a result, for certainty, the 42-year-old secured in the country until the court rulings are clear on who the villain is. Besides, her lawyer, Sotlojoane, reported to BBC he had nothing to comment about the case.

The police commissioner reported to BBC that the first lady held in custody, and they were expecting the court rulings on Wednesday. Mainly since the latest evidence linked the first lady to the crime. He emphasized justice was atoll in this matter and would determine Maesaiah’s wrath.



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