Kenya Floods: Passenger-Filled Bus Swept Away in Torrential Waters

Kenya Floods: Passenger-Filled Bus Swept Away in Torrential
Kenya floods: Bus full of passengers swept away by raging waters

Kenya Floods: Passenger-Filled Bus Swept Away in Torrential Waters

Emergency services have successfully rescued passengers who were trapped in a bus swept away by floods on a busy highway in northern Kenya. The bus, carrying around 50 passengers, was en route from northern Wajir county to the capital, Nairobi, when the incident occurred. According to police reports, the driver attempted to navigate a flooded section of the road, resulting in the bus becoming stuck in mud amidst swiftly flowing waters.

The rescue operation, which spanned nearly 10 hours, saw some passengers being rescued from the roof of the bus, while others managed to escape through the windows. The Kenya Red Cross described the mission as “challenging” but confirmed that all passengers had been successfully rescued, despite being “marooned by raging waters”.

The incident unfolded in the early hours of Tuesday, following persistent rains that caused severe flooding along the Garissa-Nairobi Highway. Videos circulated on social media depicted the bus, operated by Umma Express, being submerged in floodwaters in the Lager Areli area near Tulla village in Tana River county.

Ali Ndiema, the regional police chief, condemned the driver’s actions, stating that they had endangered the lives of over 50 individuals, constituting a punishable offense. Meanwhile, the Kenya Red Cross collaborated with local community members to aid in the rescue efforts, utilizing two boats to reach stranded passengers as the road remained impassable.

Prior to the incident, Kenya’s roads agency had issued a closure notice for a section of the highway due to flooding. The nation has experienced heavy rainfall over the past week, with forecasts indicating continued precipitation in the region.

The successful rescue operation underscores the critical role of emergency services in responding to natural disasters and ensuring the safety of citizens during challenging circumstances. It also highlights the importance of adhering to road closure notices and exercising caution when traversing flood-prone areas, particularly during periods of inclement weather.


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