Jumia announces support Governments’ fight against COVID-19 in Ghana

Jumia plans to help Ghana on COVID-19
Jumia plans to help Ghana on COVID-19

COVID-19 has so far declared one of the worst pandemics that has hit the world and already killing many people through its quick spread between infected people to another. Every nation is doing what is possible, including strict quarantine, city lockdown. And instructing citizens to continually wash hands as a way of staying safe from the virus.

Jumia, Africa’s top e-Commerce platform on 23 March 2020 announced their plans to help support the government of Ghana in fighting COVID-19. The online platform which sells a wide range of products across Africa countries has offered the support of its unified network which comprises a marketplace, logistics, online payments to the government of Ghana and many other African countries to fight the virus.

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Their CEO, Diana Owusu-Kyereko, in her official statement, said:

”We are proud to partner with relevant authorities to help fight against COVID-19. And support the communities which continue to support us. E-commerce platforms like ours, with e- payment and last-mile delivery capabilities. Are uniquely positioned to be part of Africa’s response strategy to this pandemic, and we are swiftly taking actions. Our Jumia Heroes – delivery and warehouse operations staff – are the frontlines taking all necessary precautions to ensure our customers receive their orders safely.”

Actions to Support the Government in fighting COVID-19 in Ghana

The Jumia’s plans to support the government in the fight against coronavirus include:

  • Firstly, facilitating access to cheap and affordable essential foods and sanitary needs on the platform. Through affiliating with many vendors, for example, Reckitt Benckiser and other companies, we will be made sanitizers available to the people. The citizens will be able to buy them at affordable prices and eliminate high costs as imposed in local stores.

The platform has provided an excellent waive discount on specific cleaning products to help customers get them at low prices for easy access to everyone.

  • Secondly, they are promoting social distancing by allowing customers to buy goods online. Through offering no contact delivery options, as a result, there will be less physical contact which can significantly reduce a person to person infection.
  • Jumia has provided secure and safe deliveries to customers anywhere, even in the extreme local villages. This is a beautiful idea because old parents might have problems in picking the products in the city instead they get deliveries right at their doorstep.

More Plans…

  • Logistics – through sourcing and distribution of face marks to the people. Use the advantage of access to supply, especially from vendors outside Africa. As a result, bring donations of approved face marks to the health ministry of Ghana. And in other African countries as well. Including Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Morocco and Ivory Coast.
  • Jumia is giving consumers incentives to pay online via JumiaPay. It will help the government in stopping the cash exchanges through hands which can spread the virus.
  • Advertising essential health instructions on their platform. For instance, Jumia has over a million customers who visit the Jumia platform daily. It is easy and quick to convey health instructions pertaining the virus to the attention of the people. By providing them with updates, red alerts and possible safety precautions to take against contracting the virus.

In the bid to keeping the citizens safe and away from contacting coronavirus. The government, therefore, through the health authorities, need to address critical concerns about the virus. Platforms like Jumia will help in conveying such messages to the people.

Most importantly, STAY HOME, SANITIZE and Keep yourself and your family safe from COVID-19!


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