Italy Overtakes China’s Death Toll

  Italy Overtakes China's Death Toll
  Italy Overtakes China’s Death Toll

COVID19 pandemic started in China

The COVID19 pandemic started in China, and since then it has spread to many countries. The disease affected many sectors in the globe including transport, economic, financial among other sectors.

World Health Organization among other international organizations came together to find a solution to the epidemic. Scientists have come together to build a vaccine and a treatment that will completely stop the spread of the virus.

Current Updates Concerning The COVID19.

As of today, a lot of updates are up concerning the coronavirus disease. Updates on how countries and the world at large are combating the deadly virus.

The parliament in Bulgaria voted to support the military, to aid in restricting movement among people. Use coercive methods if need be.

Boris, the British Prime Minister, ordered all the pubs, cafes and restaurants to shut down to control the spread of coronavirus.

Country hit hard and why?

Italy is the country hit hard by the disease. Its death toll is at 4032, whereas the cases recorded at 47021. A record of 627 people dies in a day in Italy. The United States stock markets are experiencing negative returns and the 3 indexes are negatively feeling the effect of the pandemic.

Mike Pompeo, the United States Secretary of State, orders restriction on travels which are not essential along its border travels. Governor Andrew says that only essential businesses such as pharmacies and grocery stores will be functioning.

The Tunisian President gives orders on lockdown of the country to control people’s movement and be able to contain the disease within the region. Saudi Arabia state says that it may borrow more money to cover the COVID19 epidemic.

The country of Jordan puts a curfew to restrict the movement of people in exception to emergencies. Cases in the Netherlands are about 3000 and its death toll is at 106 deaths. In the Lombardy region, the government agrees to deploy the military to ensure the lockdown against the pandemic is on.

In the country of Malaysia, it reports its 3rd death case whereas, in Syria, it bans the entry for outsiders from states having the coronavirus.

Fresh Breath at Wuhan China for the Second Day

The region of Wuhan records another day with no new cases of the COVID19 while in Singapore, it records 40 cases and encourages social distancing. In Iran, the deaths are at 1433 and 20000 is the number of cases on record.

The situation in Indonesia is strange as its president encourages the citizens to remain at home and pray, but the Islamic religion is not in agreement with that. The region has a record of 60 new cases and the death toll reads at 32.

The Israeli Prime Minister encourages people to also stay at their houses and gives guidelines targeting at halting the continuous spread.


In Russia, the Russian scientists are doing fantastic work since they began testing the first version of a vaccine against the virus on the animals.

People around the world remain vigilant as countries put many more measures forward in containing the coronavirus.



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