How Fake News awarded Ugandan politician’ most arrested ‘World Record

Before delivering any news, the fact-checking by the reporter needs to be given priority. We should make it a consent surveyor in every news delivery. Research has shown that social media is one of the biggest facilitators of spreading news. The article will explain how these spreading of fake news made opposition leader from Uganda Kizza Besigye to earn himself a world record for being arrest most times.


On 20th January 2020, the Ugandan opposition leader Kizza Besigye marked himself as the most arrest person in the world. This was after his 50th arrest in Uganda. In the article that was fast trending, it reported that 30% of his arrests were in 2016. This happened during the country’s 2016 general elections that saw him getting arrested 15 times. 


Guinness World Record response to the claim.

Responding to an interview, Jessica Spillane on behalf of Guinness World Records, said that


” Although we do not encourage people to strive to break the records, the closest category we have for most arrests is Tommy Johns of Brisbane; Queensland, Australia, who in 1988 was arrested almost 3000 times for being drunk and disorderly in a public place.”

We know Guinness World Records formerly The Guinness book of records to be that book that usually gets published each year with the list of ‘record-breaking achievements and achievers.


The article has shown that the politician had adjudged by the Guinness world record. However, the outfit upon being asked said its mission is “to be the ultimate global authority on record-breaking. That means we research, measure, document, and allow the world’s superlatives, from which we create world-class products that entertain, inform, and inspire people through our unique window on the world. “The outfit continued to say that the Besigye’s forced award lacked the core value they lookout. These values are Passion, Integrity, Respectfulness, and finally, inclusiveness. 


The source of the award claim.

The is said to be the primary source of this forced award. It claimed that Besigye had a spot in the latest edition of Guinness book of records. Afterward, the story spread, and it got shared on social media platforms. A veteran journalist in Uganda, one Mr. Charles Onyango, shared the same on twitter, and it was when it was retweeted and got many likes. The, which is also a portal in Uganda, published this story making their reference from Cobbo’s twitter. However, the opposition leader would later get arrested by the police.


Kenyan media also took part in the sharing of this fake news. A prominent media house went further into carrying the same story on their news bulleting. The news anchor read the facts on the Ugandans article. Other portals that were caught offside in Kenya for spreading this story were, Tuko Kenya, Breaking News Kenya. The Ugandan’s NBS tv also posted the same tweet.


It is vital to counter check the facts of the news you wish to post. If such is taken with the seriousness, the spread of fake news will reduce drastically. Also, before sharing any information, first, check its origination and if it is factual.

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