Here’s How to Help Those Affected by The Coronavirus Pandemic

Here's How to Help Those Affected by The Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Pandemic

According to a report from Johns Hopkins, more than 250000 people in the US are infected by the novel virus. However not only does the pandemic affect the infected but also the non-infected. As the number of infections grows daily, people are becoming worried.

Medical officials are struggling to help contain the virus. Families with low income are wondering how they will face the contagion and at the same time secure basic needs. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs. The US government has organized for isolation centers in cities and towns to help control the virus.

Some philanthropic organizations are stepping in to provide relief. They are providing food and medical supplies to those in need. Similarly, about $300 of the Americans 2020 tax is being used to fund charitable donations. For America, such as a time of solidarity. Those uncertain of where to channel their contributions, Global Giving is the place to stock. It aims to collect up to $5 million to cover the diverse needs.

Non-profits helping to control coronavirus Pandemic

Most organizations prefer donations of monetary value to physical items. Meanwhile, worthy organizations are struggling to help cities such as City Harvest in New York. The organizations also help by providing contributions to non-profits that are helping at the national or international level.

The organizations involved include;

Direct relief

The non-profit direct relief is cooperating with health officials, businesses and other organizations to supply protective items. As such they are providing masks, gloves and isolation gowns for the medics and those trying to keep safe. They are also providing tents in which the paramedics triage the patients before taking them to the hospitals.

This organization is rated as a four-star charity organization is because in this non-profit organization there is utmost transparency and accountability of funds.

Family promise

Families are among the strongly impacted during the corona outbreak. Family Promise is an organization that aims to help families experiencing hunger, homelessness, etc. As of now, the organization has helped more than 200 households in the US. Through the provision of food and shelter and funds.

The charity Navigator rates this organization as a four-star with a percentage of 99.95%.


Feeding America

It is one of the largest non-profit relief organization which aims to provide food to all the affected persons nationwide. It is supplied by 200 food banks. Some of the organization’s food banks are collaborating with schools to help provide for children and families in these institutions. This organization is also distributing food boxes to various households. Charity Watch awarded this organization grade B+.

Operation US

A disaster relief agency situated in Los Angeles. It aims to provide health equipment to support different communities. It has distributed thousands of masks, gloves, and gowns across Los Angeles.

Aid can be in other alternative forms

Other than giving monetary value people can offer other alternatives like blood. Through the red cross, people can help stock blood banks. This enhances a steady supply of blood in the country. People can also provide volunteer services for free delivery. And most importantly, before giving out a donation, it is best to do some investigation. This is to verify if the charity organization is legit.



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