Hantavirus kills a man in China amid the Corona virus

Hantavirus kills a man in China amid the Corona virus

It has now been three months since the outbreak of the Corona virus in China. Unfortunately, it seems the Chinese government has to prepare for another battle against Hantavirus. According to the latest news, on Monday, a man in Yunnan China tested positive for the virus. The man died shortly after the test. Reporters say he was traveling on a chartered bus to Shandong province for work.

Besides, thirty-two people who were on the bus have been tested and are waiting for the test results. Now the Hantavirus adds worries to the Chinese citizens who are battling with the Covid-19 outbreak. According to the news, the Hantavirus is not a new virus as it has been infecting humans for decades.

The meaning of Hantavirus

According to the reporters, most people are saying this is a new virus, but this is not the case. As per the Centre for Disease and Prevention (C.D.C­­­­­­) the infection is caused by rodents such as rats and mice. It was first reported in the United States back in 1993. The primary risk of exposure to this virus is infected rodents in and out of your home. According to Global Times, healthy persons are at risk for Hantavirus infection if they get exposed.

Here are the symptoms of Hantavirus

Significant relief about this virus is that transmission from one person to another is not possible. You only get the virus, if you lay a hand on nest materials or urine of rodents, and then later touch your nose, mouth, or nose. The Hantavirus has an incubation period as the symptoms develop after one to eight weeks.

Its symptoms are not like that of the Corona virus- results in painful breathing, cough, and fever. If you get infected with the Hantavirus, your body experiences muscle ache, abdominal pain as well as fatigue accompanied by severe headaches.

About the Hantavirus cure

Currently, there is no sure cure, vaccine, or treatment for the Hantavirus. A little hope is that if one recognizes the virus infection at the early stages, one can seek treatment in the Intensive Care Unit and maybe do better. In many cases, patients are provided with enough oxygen therapy to help them survive the relentless respiratory complications.

Take note if you have been in conduct with rodents and reach out to a physician. As per the Centre for Disease and Prevention, leaving the Hantavirus untreated leads to shortness of breath as well as coughing, which can cause death.


Remember, all it takes to get the Hantavirus is being around rats or mice carrying the virus. Although the Hantavirus is fatal, let us not panic. The world is still battling with the Corona virus outbreak, and now it seems the Hantavirus is here too. I believe everyone has the room for redemption.



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