Germany and South Africa Deepen Bilateral Ties


Germany and South Africa have been partners for such a long time that their relationship has grown rapidly. The two share many things in common. Germany is currently the biggest trader in South Africa. Therefore, the two governments always look for ways to deepen bilateral ties. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel and South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa held talks on how this should be done. They both agreed on intensifying trade, investment, international relations, and migration in both countries. South Africa is a powerful economy in Africa’s continent. Thus, efforts to increase trade are welcome with open arms. Germany and South Africa seek to deepen their relations soon.

Cyril Ramaphosa’s message

German Chancellor Angela Merkel alongside key business leaders visited South Africa. During the meeting at South Africa’s capital Pretoria, they would discuss important issues. South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa declared Germany as the second-largest trading partner in South Africa. He also thanked the German team for finding time to come and discuss business. Among the issues at hand were tourism, investment plans, trade, and development plans. Germany has over 500 companies based in South Africa. Hence, over 100,000 South Africans have secured jobs in these firms. Intensifying this trade by incorporating foreign investment will take the country forward. The two countries’ economies will as a result flourish.

German Chancellor’s promises to South Africa

Angela Merkel who is currently German’s chancellor promised to solve the energy crisis in South Africa. Basically, the country depends on coal power plans for energy and electricity. However, this turns out to be unreliable because of irregular power cuts. So, the government of Germany has promised to provide renewable power plants to solve power cuts.

Through the advanced technology that Germany possesses, South Africa is in a position to explore several minerals. They can export these minerals to give the country a source of income. Agriculture is also a sector that has not been well captured in South Africa. Similarly, Germany can help boost farming activities through infrastructure development. Germany can act as a major consumer of South Africa’s agricultural produce.

Solution to unemployment

South Africa has faced the menace of unemployment for the longest time ever. During her state visit to South Africa, German’s chancellor suggested a viable solution. She said she’s set to push for vocational training in South Africa. Back in her home Germany, vocational training is popular. No wonder unemployment is uncommon in the country.

The two leaders also discussed the importance of conflict resolution among African countries. They pointed out the conflict cases of Libya and Sahel. Both confirmed that an African solution would help solve this problem.

The Bottom Line

Germany and South Africa look forward to strengthening their ties in matters development. The two countries are ready to share skills, competence and trade secrets. This will help them to grow and have a mutual relationship with each other. Most visitors from Germany head to South Africa for holidays. They enjoy the beautiful landscape leaving the country lots of revenue. The recent meeting aims to increase the trade between the two countries. Germany is ready for foreign direct investment in South Africa and the latter is ready to learn from its major business partner.