Gambian Former President Yahya Jammeh Country House Gutted By Fire.

There was a mysterious fire outbreak that burned the neighborhoods of kanilai and the bushes around. This happened on Tuesday and extended to up to Wednesday. Among the affected was the home of the former president Yahya Jammeh. The report has it that the fire started in the neighborhoods.

The Point and The Chronicle Gambia said that the fire started at an area outside the former president village of Kanillae. Still, it spread to the area that surrounds his palatial residence.  

Yahya Jammeh Accusations                                                                        

Jammeh fled from the Gambia in January 2017. This was after he lost a presidential election to a newcomer Adam Barrow. His government was facing many crime accusations. Some of these crimes believed to have occurred in his home village Kailai. Examples of these crimes are the exhumation in 2017 of the three men who disappeared mysteriously in 2014 after they had a coup-plotting.

The patients with HIV/AIDs also gave allegations of how the former president detained them at this home so he can force them to take an herbal treatment he had designed himself. “A bush fire gutted the house where the former president used to conduct his treatment program,” Sanyang said.

Destruction Caused

The soldiers that went there tried to control it on Tuesday night. However, the military sources show that the fire continued to spread up to Wednesday morning. This left some parts of the former president burnt and one pavilion, whose location is at Kanilai mini stadium. 

According to the Army PRO Lamina Sanyang, he said the fire started through Won. This is the location of the former head of the state’s house is. He further said that through the efforts of GAF soldiers, Kanilai firefighters, and Woni residents, they could put off the fire.

 To their surprise, the fire restarted on Wednesday.

” our soldiers reported that the fire is still raging and getting out of control. There have been no casualties so far, but some houses, including the residence of the former Gambian president Jammeh’s compound, have been gutted by the fire.”

The commanding officer was in charge of the operation thanked the villagers for how they collaborated well in the exercise.

About Kanilai Village

The Kanilai village came into limelight because of Jammeh. He used to spend most of his weekends and holidays there. Also, it was the venue for the annual beauty pageant. The female university students used to come there to compete for university scholarships or to win themselves a trip abroad. Aljazeera journalist wrote.

Amid other neglected and improvised villages, Jammed turned his town into a paradise. Kanilai was the former president’s birthplace. The mansion he built was an elaborate one. It had a mosque, farm, tanks, jungle warfare training camp, vast private safari park housing parrots, hyenas, camels, and it had multiple residences, said a Reuters report.



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