Five People Die in Egypt in Boat Accident


This week a boat capsized in a lake near Egypt’s Mediterranean city of Alexandria. When the boat sunk, it left at least five people dead, including three children. According to official and state media, the passenger boat had been carrying more than 40 people. Out of the 40, the authorities had only managed to rescue three people and take them to hospital.

The boat had been hired to carry the individuals who participated in an engagement party to a couple they all knew. According to the survivors, a cargo vessel hit the small boat they had hired as they continued their celebrations. Due to the collision’s impact, the boat developed a large hole and started letting in water, making it sink near Cairo.

Three people were rescued, and Five people die.

Some witnesses at the scene gave an account of what they saw happen. On witness, an older adult told the press he saw the cargo ship at least 100  meters long collide with the small boat. The witnesses added that at first, he hadn’t noticed anything in the small boat until he heard several people screaming. The large ship didn’t stop and continued on its course as if nothing even happened.

Another eyewitness named Sonob Zaki said he saw two boats coming from opposite directions. According to Sonob, there were many people on one boat, many children, men, and women. But the big ship didn’t have any lights, and both boats didn’t have sirens on them to alert each other. Because of this, the two boats collided with each other. The witness then saw the river police show up in their boats, but it was too late. The authorities only managed to save just a few people who they found holding on to dear life.

The relatives of those on the boat gathered on the river banks to await news of their loved ones. But all they got was silence as the rescue workers still searched for the many still missing in the lake. According to witnesses, fishermen had been first on the scene at night to try and pull out the corpses and survivors. Recovery efforts were delayed by darkness but resumed early morning. Only three people got rescued during nighttime at the crash scene, and the captain of the cargo ship got arrested.

Many Boat accidents occur in Egypt.

One relative of some of those that drowned in the small boat Moustafa Ibrahim said his family and relatives had boarded the boat late at night. He said his family expected to have fun during the celebrations, but then the cargo ship hit them, and they drowned. Moustafa begged the authorities to help him bring his family from under the water. Another relative, Ahmed Helmy, reported that seven of his family members were lost, but five were found, and two children were still missing.

So far, the couple that had their celebrations on the boat hasn’t been reported to be amongst the casualties. But the recovery team in Egypt removed the wreckage of the small boat from the water.

Because many boats on the lake near Egypt’s Mediterranean city work without licenses, public transport accidents are common in the river. Additionally, these vessels lack basic safety standards, and because of this, accidents have increased in the region. Just last year in July, some people similarly drowned on an Alexandria beach known for its fast-moving, jetty, and rocky waters.



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