The Features of Ancient Egypt and Egyptians


The history of ancient Egypt and Egyptians is very wide and fascinating. People try to understand and know ancient Egypt from various sources, including the ancient Egyptian civilization, the earliest recorded civilization. So, how did ancient Egypt and Egyptians look like? What were their features?

From various pieces of evidence that we will highlight in this article, we will try to see how ancient Egypt and Egyptians looked like.

#1 Features of Ancient Egyptians

The Edfu texts try to give us evidence of how the Ancient Egyptians looked like. Apart from the proof in the Edfu texts, other archaeological findings and accounts of popular historians support the idea of ancient Egyptians being dark-skinned. It seems that the ancient Egyptians were black Africans. Further proof showing that ancient Egyptians were black Africans is how the Egyptians identified themselves. They called their land Kemet, an ancient name for Egypt meaning a black land.

#2 Features of Ancient Egypt

The land of Egypt was advanced in several sectors such as mathematics, art, tech, writing, astronomy, architecture, religion, and science. We will discuss these sectors and try to bring out how ancient Egypt looked like.

#3 Ancient Egyptian Mathematics.

Ancient Egyptian Mathematics is the mathematics that the ancient Egyptians developed and used in Ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians used a numeral technique for solving written mathematical issues, mostly involving fractions and even multiplication. From ancient texts, we can know that the ancient Egyptians comprehended the ideas of geometry, such as determining the volume of 3-D shapes.

#4 Ancient Egyptian Technology

Ancient Egyptian technology explains devices and technologies that the Egyptians created and used in the land of ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians used machines such as the lever and ramp to help in construction. They employed rope trusses to harden ships’ beams.

#5 Ancient Egyptian Architecture

Ancient Egyptian architecture is a set of styles varying over a certain time, but with some cohesion. People know the Egyptian pyramids as the best example of ancient Egyptian architecture. Charged laborers built most of the structures or buildings out of locally available limestone and mud bricks. They established monumental structures through the post and lintel method of construction.

Describing the Egyptian pyramids as he saw them, Herodotus, the father of history, wrote that the Egyptians built them out of polished stones. He believes that the Egyptians created machines out of the wooden plank and that they used them to raise the polished stones.

Besides, another historian, John Jackson, suggests that the Egyptians organized well the project of building the pyramids and it lasted for years.

#6 Ancient Egyptian Religion

Ancient Egyptian religion was a complicated practice of polytheistic faiths and rituals that created an important part of the ancient Egyptian way of life. It focused on the Egyptians’ contact with the gods and goddesses that they believed to be in charge of the world. The ancient Egyptians offered prayers and offerings to the gods to have their divine favor. Different individuals could communicate with the gods for their purposes, requesting aid via prayers. The ancient Egyptian religion left behind writings and memorials.

#7 Priests in Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, the Egyptians regarded the priests to be of the elite class. They controlled the intellectual life in ancient Egypt. Besides, the priests were record keepers, physicians, and healers. They were in charge of the most skilled labor in ancient Egypt. Imhotep was one of the greatest ancient Egyptian priests.

#8 Ancient Egyptian Society

The society in ancient Egypt tries to reveal much more of how ancient Egypt looked like. The private citizens in the society did not need to carry firearms around. Moreover, the law did not allow soldiers to carry arms except when they were on duty. This creates a clear picture of how good life was then and how Egypt flourished during that era or period. Winwood Reade, a researcher, examined the artworks that had to do with the domestic life of ancient Egypt.

He suggests that Egyptian society held women in high regard and cared for children. Unlike Egyptian society, European society did not highly regard women and children. The European society did not also consider individuals who were not rich and didn’t care for their poor as the ancient Egyptian society.

#9 Ancient City of Thebes

The ancient city of Thebes gives us a clearer picture of how ancient Egypt was looking like. It was an old Egyptian city located along the River Nile. The wealthy people in the city built magnificent mansions that had beautiful paintings and furniture. People celebrated over 55 yearly festivals in the city of Thebes. The main festivals were the Beautiful Feast of Opet, the Khoiak festival, and among other festivals.

#10 Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs were the formal writing practice or system that ancient Egyptians employed in ancient Egypt. They combined syllabic, logographic, and alphabetic components with about over 980 characters. Egyptians used cursive hieroglyphs for religious works on wood.



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