Electoral Commission of Guinea Raises Concerns Over Violation of Electoral Code


Citizens in Guinea are excited as the country prepares to embark on a new phase of transition in their government. As of Sunday 18th October, the people were ready to elect the next president of their choice. A good government sprouts from a democratic nation. However, the electoral Commission of Guinea raises concerns over the violation of the electoral code.

In Guinea, there are 5.4 million registered voters. Out of this number, the majority are promising voters. President Alpha Conde, together with the other 11 candidates are contesting for this hot seat. President Conde has ruled the country for two years and is currently vying for the third term. Among his threatening opponents is Cellou Dalein Diallo, who has supporters in many parts of the country.

Electoral Commission Controversies

However, on the eve of the election, some members preceding over the electoral process alleged that there were rising issues. They reported that they encountered some breaches which violated the electoral legislation. In a statement, they said there were duplicated voters cards while some cards were missing in some regions. The National Independent Electoral Commission concluded;

“Doubt is settling on the credibility of the process. This opens the door to probable post-election disputes.”

Preparations Before the Elections

Organizing and ensuring elections happen is usually a demanding and crucial task for the electoral commission. This is because they are obligated to ensure free and fair elections and results. In Guinea, the electoral commission had set everything ready for the presidential elections. They had distributed 90,% of the voters’ cards. All the materials were in the designated polling stations, the ballots, ballot boxes, etc. All that was left were the voters to cast their voting cards.

Before the elections, all the 12 candidates competing for the presidential seat had conducted numerous campaigns. Within the last couple of weeks, the politicians have given promising speeches and addressed issues in the country. While on a mission to campaign for President Conde, unknown men attacked the Prime Minister’s convoy.

Similarly, Dalein Diallo, President Conde’s chief opponent, received harsh treatment from the people of Kankan. He had gone to campaign in this region, Conde’s stronghold, hoping to secure votes. Instead, Conde’s supporters blocked his convoy.

Amid the preparation for elections, those supporting the pro-opposition lost their homes and shops. There were a lot of political differences amongst the people. Some local authorities and political parties took to encouraging people to live peacefully.

What were the two years like for President Conde?

During Conde’s reign, he has created enmity with the people. The Guinea citizens have been condemning his rule for quite some time. One protest was when the people tried stopping, President Conde was changing the constitution in his favor. Unfortunately, he succeeded hence to date he contests for his third term.

These protests didn’t end well as several demonstrators died after sustaining severe injuries from gunshots. As such, the opposition and most of the people have been opposing President Conde.  Dalein Diallo said:

“We encourage citizens to continue to demonstrate today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow – until our legitimate demands are satisfied. We need a clear, firm, and irrevocable declaration from Alpha Conde renouncing a third term.”



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