Discover the Best of Nairobi

Discover the Best of Nairobi
Discover the Best of Nairobi

Nairobi is now evolving due to changing times. Currently, it is buzzing with culture, art and not to mention has some of the most incredible national parks across the globe.


Wildlife is among the major contributions to the development of the city. When one desires to go on a wildlife tour, whether domestic or International, one of the fascinating places to visit is David Sheldrake Wildlife Trust. This institution was established in 1970 and since then taken to caring for and rehabilitating young elephants. Nevertheless, when baby elephants become adults; they unite with the other game. Occasionally, between 11 and 12 noon, visitors observe the animals. During these hours, they feed.

Natural wonder

The amazing sites on the outskirts of the city also promote its growth. From the city’s outskirts, as one moves towards Maasai Mara, they pass through the great rift valley. The latter provides beautiful scenery that extends from Lebanon to Mozambique. Moreover, from the wooden shops on the cliff edge, one can have a clear view which is so incredible. This beautiful scenery attracts tourists earning the country foreign exchange.

National park

Nairobi is the only city all over the globe with a national park. The park provides a habitat for diverse plant and animal species. Which are lions, giraffes, cheetahs, leopards, elephants, buffalos, etc. It also protects endangered wildlife species such as the black rhino which are hunted for their horns. They are often hunted mostly in ungazetted parks. However, the Kenya wildlife service tries to protect them.

Furthermore, the sight of watching game from the airport or in planes is so enthralling. This view is because of the Nairobi skyline which acts as a backdrop.

Archeological site

To the south of the city, near lake Magadi, there is an important archeological site. The site is known as Ologesaile. It has several crafts and artifacts. Some of this archeological evidence are historical monuments. Scientific carbon dating revealed that the crafts were in there for close to 600000 years to the time our earliest ancestors inhabited the place. The site is well preserved because the people greatly value their culture.

Cultural experience

Bomas of Kenya plays a major role in preserving the culture of Kenyans especially as Kenya is a diverse country. They teach visitors about the various Kenyan traditions and values. Education is by songs, dances, and exhibitions of various bomas(homesteads) that our ancestors once lived in. Hence this provides an opportunity for the visitors to learn about various cultures and the ethnic groups. Many of the foreigners during holidays visit the country and learn about various cultures.

Best day trip

Following a few hours drive out of Nairobi, lies the most iconic safaris destination, Amboseli national park. This park is found at the foot of mt Kilimanjaro just at the border between Tanzania and Kenya. Amboseli is renowned for inhabiting the greatest number of healthiest elephants in Africa. This provides a view of close to 100 elephants at a time. Besides, on clear days one can be lucky enough to see mt Kilimanjaro.

Off the beaten path

The small restaurants hidden behind city park hawker, a vegetable and fruit market, provide a refreshing service. Especially after long hours of tour guiding. The urge of relief and nyamachoma delicacies always feels great.