Bank Deposits Surge: Customers’ Funds Reach N76.04 Trillion, Up by 66%”

Customers' Funds Reach N76.04 Trillion, Up by 66%"

Customers’ Funds Reach N76.04 Trillion, Up by 66%”

Rescue efforts are underway in the South African city of George, where a multi-story building under construction collapsed, claiming the lives of at least six individuals. As of Tuesday, 48 out of the 75 workers who were present at the site remain unaccounted for, while authorities have yet to determine the cause of the collapse, which occurred on Monday.

Rescuers are employing various tools, including cranes, drills, and manual labor, to race against time to reach those trapped beneath the rubble. Despite the grim situation, there have been moments of optimism as rescue teams successfully extracted survivors from the debris, eliciting cheers from onlookers. Currently, 11 individuals have been located and are communicating with the rescue teams, offering a glimmer of hope amidst the tragedy.

Colin Deiner, chief of disaster management for the Western Cape province, emphasized the commitment to treating all individuals trapped as potentially alive, underscoring the tireless efforts of the rescue teams. However, the anguish of waiting families is palpable as they anxiously await news of their loved ones, their tears reflecting the gravity of the situation.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has called for a thorough investigation into the incident, signaling the government’s seriousness regarding the collapse. Meanwhile, Liatel Developments, the company responsible for the construction, has expressed its determination to assist in rescue efforts while acknowledging the need for a comprehensive investigation to uncover the causes behind the tragedy.

CCTV footage capturing the moment of the collapse depicts a cloud of dust enveloping the area, indicating the sudden and catastrophic nature of the incident. Eyewitness accounts, including one from a local councilor who heard a distinct “boom” before the building crumbled, further highlight the urgency of determining the factors that led to the collapse.

As rescue operations continue amidst the rubble and debris, the community remains united in its efforts to save as many lives as possible and provide support to those affected by this devastating event.


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