Coronavirus: What Misinformation Has Spread In Africa?

Coronavirus: What Misinformation Has Spread In Africa?
Coronavirus: What Misinformation Has Spread In Africa?

Researches done by scientists prove some facts about the control measures against the coronavirus. Some of the measures include washing your hands with warm water and soap to avoid infections. Disinfecting surfaces may also be of help since the virus settles on physical objects rather than in the air.

Basic measures include maintaining good respiratory hygiene and covering one’s mouth while coughing. Another important point is that one should avoid crowded places and keep a meter social distance to avoid social contacts with people.

Briefly, the prevention measures against flu can also be used in controlling coronavirus infections. Recently wrong information has been spreading concerning the virus and warnings have been issued against people spreading wrong information on social media.

Cures To Prevent Coronavirus

A preacher in Nigeria posted a video on social media confirming that pepper soup is a cure for the coronavirus. Further rumors spread on the internet of a Brazilian who suggests fennel tea is a sure cure for the virus. This also led to people chroming in the local markets to get the medicine since they believed the false news.

The reality about this virus is that no cure or vaccine has been discovered yet by the scientists and medical firms involved.

Kenya’s False Audio Recording

There has been an audio spreading in WhatsApp concerning a recording which says that quite a number of patients have been infected with the disease.

The government posted a letter saying that the news was fake. There are no confirmed cases yet in Kenya and measures are taken to avoid spreading the virus.

Eating Culture Of The Chinese People

Rumors had it that the source of the virus was from eating bats. A certain video went viral showing a woman eating the mammal. However, this is false since the recent studies done show that pangolin might be the source of the disease.

International Agencies Information Errors

Some time ago, the World Health Organization had mistakenly listed Taiwan as a part of china’s source of the virus. Despite the misrepresentation. WHO refused to correct the statement it made.


Africans Are More Resistant To The Infections

Recently, a Cameroonian student was diagnosed with coronavirus but was healed. Rumors suggested that the African was healed due to his genes rendering Africans anti-infectious on coronavirus. However, the media never found a piece of evidence attached to this claim, hence the claim is seen as false.

Nigerian Pastor Who Wanted To Destroy Coronavirus

Some news spread concerning a man who went to China to pray against coronavirus and he got infected. This is a victim of false identity since he has been identified by various names by bloggers.

Actions Made Against False Information Spreading

The World Health Organization is in the battle to stop false information from spreading. Together with big social media techs like Facebook and Google, they are battling this upcoming problem. Facebook will follow up and block any accounts associated with spreading wrong information.



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