Coronavirus in Sudan: Food and medical supplies in short supply.

Coronavirus in Sudan: Food and medical supplies in short supply.
Coronavirus in Sudan: Food and medical supplies in short supply.

The rate at which the deadly virus is spreading is astonishing. It has crossed over to possibly all continents. Of the 54 African countries, there are 253 cases reported with South Sudan as a victim. So far, the country has confirmed one death case. However, the citizens of Sudan live in fear, for in case of contracting the disease, they see no future. This is because there are not enough doctors in the country. Less than seven doctors are attending to about one thousand people. The government has declared a state of emergency and closed all the borders in the country. This has continued to impact on the country’s deteriorated economy.

Challenges in Sudan.

Rise in the cost of food prices in the country.

With the closure of the country’s border’s shortage of food is among the major crises.

The prices of food have gone from bad to worse. Equivalently the ques of bread are even longer than previously.

Lack of health insurance.

Most of Sudan citizens do not have health insurance. Hence amid any health problem, they cannot get medical care. As such, they heal by God’s grace. However, with the coming of the corona, they are anxious. Primarily as the virus spreads quickly and kills, it is even worse since most of the ordinary citizens can’t even afford nutritious foods. It is hence making them more susceptible to attack by the virus.

Lack of money.

Because of the deteriorating economy, close to half of Sudan’s population is unemployed. They do not have money to fund their daily needs. Especially with the outbreak of corona, most of them can’t even afford to stock the basic needs.

For instance, the prices of masks and sanitizers have risen. Especially since pharmacies are in shortage, this is after vendors purchased them from the pharmacies and hiked the prices. Because of low or no income, most of the citizens can’t afford to buy them. Instead, most of the low-income earners prefer to purchase food instead of masks. Hence, they are equally in danger of contracting the virus.

The measures taken by the country during the outbreak of corona.

Sudan bars entry from coronavirus hotspots.

Sudan has stopped giving visas to citizens from corona strongholds. Omar Manis decided to suspend issuing visas to citizens of Korea, China, Italy, Iran, France, Spain, Japan, and Egypt. Since world health declared these countries as greatly affected. Hence suspending their movements to their country. They have equivalently prohibited Sudanese from traveling to the affected countries.

The government of Sudan has also locked down the border between Egypt and Sudan. Especially since Egypt so far has recorded 100 cases of covid- 19. Entry points and exit points in the country are closed.

Masks and sanitizers.

Despite the unavailability of the masks and sanitizers in the pharmacies, they are available in the streets. This is because the vendors purchased the masks before the outbreak of the virus in Sudan. It’s however, unfortunate since the prices are high. They are making it hard for ordinary citizens to afford it.



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