Coronavirus:  Coronavirus Spreads To Many More Countries Outside China

Coronavirus: Coronavirus Spreads To Many More Countries Outside China
Coronavirus: Coronavirus Spreads To Many More Countries Outside China

The coronavirus has spread extremely faster to other European and Middle East countries creating damages in the social and economic sectors of various countries. In Brazil, Latin America a 61-year-old man who traveled to Italy was the country’s new case on infection of the virus.

Reports show that the cases received from China are quite getting less as days go by. Iran and Italy also report cases concerning the attack of the virus as the 11th person from South Korea dies of it. The total number of people infected with the disease worldwide is at 80,000.

Italy struggles to contain the disease in the Northern region while 12 people and 400 cases are reported. Most of the European countries that reported the cases of coronavirus, its patients had traveled mostly from Italy.

Coronavirus in Lombardi Region

The president of the Lombardi region goes to isolation since one of the members of his staff had contracted the coronavirus. One person in Norway who traveled from China is said to have been infected with the disease. The same case happens in Georgia whereby the diagnosed patient got it from Iran.2 cases have been reported from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The economic sector in Asian countries has been greatly affected.

Vessels from South Korea, China, and Italy have been barred from entering Kuwait borders. The country bans ships from other countries except those carrying oil.

Mongolia has no reported cases yet, however, it takes caution with flights from Russia, Turkey, and Europe. A 38-year-old woman from Greece is the first victim following her travel to Italy the Northern region.

The transport sector has also been affected and many countries are issuing travel bans and evacuation notices. Qatar gives an evacuation notice of citizens who are in Iran since it’s one of the most affected areas. Its president has no quarantine plans and yet it has already killed 19 people. Kuwait has plans to evacuate its citizens from Italy by sending a plane over there.

The social state in Iraq is pathetic since public gatherings are not allowed. Cinemas, schools, cafes, and clubs are closed hence the sources of entertainment are depressed. In France, its health Minister says cases are at 18 and about 15 million masks should be made available.

The country of Finland reports its 2nd case following the outbreak in the country. The female who was from Italy is treated at the Helsinki University Hospital.

Social Cohesion And Activities Get Damaged Too

In Russia, Moscow the effects are beyond on another level. Some of the Chinese citizens who are in Moscow are undergoing discrimination acts. They are being watched by the Russians even in bus and train stations and reported upon once spotted.

Also, Japan is seeing no limitations that will prevent them from preparing this year’s Olympics. The rugby match of Ireland against Italy which was to be held in Dublin on March 7th was canceled for another day.

Countries Response Towards The Outbreak Of Coronavirus

European countries are concerned about coronavirus outbreak and different countries have responded quite differently. Kyriakides ensures people of safety and requests them not to panic since the European Union is going to disseminate important information to related people about the virus.