Condom Shortage: Coronavirus Lockdown Shuts World’s Top Producer.

Condom Shortage: Coronavirus Lockdown Shuts World's Top Producer.
Condom Shortage: Coronavirus Lockdown Shuts World’s Top Producer.

As days go by, more cases of COVID-19 are spreading all over the globe. Very many countries are putting measures to control the spread of the virus. Most times, several countries are under lockdown to limit people from moving.

Over 25000 are dead, more than 500,000 people infected and over 127000 recoveries. The United States, Italy and Spain got the hardest hits. In Italy alone, 919 people are dying every day, bringing its death toll at 9134. Comparing it to Spain, 769 die daily, bringing its number to 4858. The country of Malaysia has 2161 infections and 26 deaths.

The United States promises to make 100000 ventilators in the next 3 months. Sadly, Congressman Mike Kelly and the US representative, Joe Cunningham, both test positive for coronavirus. Following the tragedy in the US, President Donald Trump signed a $2.2T rescue package.

Impacts Of COVID-19

A lockdown refers to a state of restriction to access points in a country or as a security measure. Currently, what many countries are doing to contain the spread of the virus. Countries such as Kenya have put strict curfew measures and towns such as Eldoret are under strict rules.

However, this measure comes with negative aspects attached. Many economies in the world are low since minimal economic activities take place. In some countries, the police use that advantage to harm citizens in the name of following restriction orders.

In a country like India, for example, one country in the world with a large population, the approach of lockdown is a disadvantage. It leaves poor individuals to starve, and this will bring chaos to the country.

The most disadvantageous thing about a country’s lockdown is the closing of factories. Vital factories that produce crucial items like gloves are not operating since they are under the effect of coronavirus.

Coronavirus Lockdown Forces World’s Largest Producer Of Condoms And Lubricants To Shut Down.

Karex Berhad began as a small family business in Malaysia. The rate at which the top producer manufactures condoms is at 1 per every 5 condoms worldwide.

The company has not produced condoms for over 7 days, and this means a lot of losses for the company and shortages to the world. However, its production may start again on Friday, but with restrictions. They allow only half of the workers in the process of production.

For a big company like this, meeting the target production is almost impossible since the manpower is cut by half. This means it leaves the company with no other choice but to produce what it can for now.

The chief executive officer of the company says, “We are going to see a global shortage of condoms everywhere, which is going to be scary. My concern is that for a lot of humanitarian programs deep down in Africa, the shortage will not just be two weeks or a month. That shortage can run into months.”