China to Prioritize Africa Once Corona Virus Vaccine are Ready


Coronavirus is one disease that has managed to spread across the planet. The virus spread so quickly before we could even understand what it was and how it affects the human body.  To be honest, it was until later that it was discovered by what means one could contact the virus. In fact, every country within the different continents in the planet is addressing the matter however possible way it can. And superpowers are looking for the vaccine!

Looking for coronavirus vaccine?

The disease has proven to surpass all human understanding on how to prevent it. Most governments have sort for lockdowns and setting up curfews to reduce on people’s movements which is the main way in which the virus is known to be spreading. Countries with laboratories and scientific research institutes have hence directed their resources to help equip with them with the requirements needed to produce a vaccine. It’s the only surest way that can help kill the virus.

The virus originated from the Chinese state in Wuhan. And later spread to the rest of the world. Many countries have since blamed the Chinese government for the different drawbacks the virus has caused. But blame games will not give a cure for the disease. Health practitioners and scientists from different labs worldwide has sleepless nights’ trying to find a remedy for this disease.

The progress

Although a vaccine has not been found yet, the efforts have not been rendered futile.  This week scientists disclosed a drug that was found to produce positive results in curbing the disease. Dexamethasone, the discovered drug, has proved to be effective as there is a decline of the number of deaths of the critically ill people. Additionally, the drug is pocket friendly. It serves both the haves and the have nots in the society. This will make it easier for the patients in the poor countries to easily access these drugs.

The drug is also being administered to patients to reduce inflammation in other illnesses. It has shown positive results when it comes to help boost the body’s immune system in order to be able to fight off the corona virus. After the long periods of economic backlash and lockdowns, good news like these will help in returning hope to people.

Africa as a priority

Following these events, the Chinese governments is taking Africa as a priority in distributing the vaccine once achieved. Events from the China-Africa summit reported the Chinese president Xi Jinping promised Africa that he will ensure the countries in Africa are not left out when the drugs are being distributed.

Its these kind of hope that makes Africans feel they are not neglected after all. Service to all humanity regardless of the community’s background. This kind gesture sure serves Africa some good and brings forth optimism to its people.

Experts further explained on how a low-dose steroid treatment had a positive impact in reducing the number of deaths for patients either on ventilators or those in need for oxygen. They are not giving up on finding ways to deal with these life threatening pandemic.





















































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