Zimbabwe Records an Increase in Coronavirus Cases


As Zimbabwe records an increase in Coronavirus cases, most African countries are already easing their restrictive measures. Medical experts strongly disagree with this move. This is because the cases of coronavirus in the continent are increasing every day. The curve is still progressing upwards and the situation is risky as more people are vulnerable in getting the coronavirus and even spreading it to other areas. Initially, many states had rolled out measures such as a national lockdown to help curb the spread of coronavirus.

By then the rate of infection had somehow reduced. A country like South Africa has started reopening its economies and even banned restrictions on alcohol. However, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that if cases continue rising dramatically, he will re-enforce the measures. In Rwanda, the government was preparing to ease its measures by allowing movement in and out of Kigali. But it was not until Rwanda recorded its first virus death that the President decided to reverse the decision on easing measures.

The same situation as Rwanda has just happened in Zimbabwe after the country records a significant increase in cases. Its government has decided to toughen the restrictions even more to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Coronavirus In Zimbabwe As Of March And April

Coronavirus reached Zimbabwe during March 2020. Before its outbreak, provinces such as Masvingo, Mashonaland East, and Manicaland were already experiencing challenges with malaria. This caused a strain in the healthcare sector. On 21st March, Harare recorded 2 more cases of the virus. 2 days later, Zororo Makamba, a journalist, was the 1st person to die of coronavirus. Later on, 2 more fatalities were bringing the total to 3.

Doctors complained to the government that they needed protective gear against the virus. this complaint came about when there was a lack of personal protective equipment in the country. At mid-April, the national tally of coronavirus cases read at 17 after 3 more people contracted the virus.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa Announces Restrictions In Zimbabwe

The president of Zimbabwe had already rolled out measures even before the outbreak happened. He had banned traveling in and out of the country and also prohibited public gatherings. Moreover, he ordered the closure of the country’s borders apart from returning residents. He banned bars, clubs, theatres, and any public sporting. The most stringent measures were the closure of the Victoria Falls viewing areas and a countrywide lockdown.

Current Updates Of Coronavirus

Out of the 6.42 million cases of coronavirus and over 380000 fatalities globally, Zimbabwe records a lower figure. It has 222 cases, 29 recoveries, and only 4 deaths. Early reports say that most of the coronavirus cases are from citizens who had traveled to foreign countries initially. The government gave the police force the responsibility of clearing the capital and returning commuters early this week. The security forces will only allow essential services and workers in the capital.

African countries need to be a little bit slower in easing their restrictions due to the increasing rate of infections. For the countries that feel are ready to relax their measures, they should use smart strategies in doing so.




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