Chadwick Boseman Asked the Pastor Brother for a Last Minute Prayer


Chadwick Boseman’s death took a toll on the world. A great loss to Africans and the world at large. Both in the film industry and day to day life. He was an inspiration to many. The black panther star accomplished to become a hero to the Africans through his films that aimed at empowering the black community. He had a purpose in life, and I would gladly say he did an excellent job fulfilling it. Despite the health challenges that threatened his life, he strived and, with remarkable resilience and determination, ensured we all got to understand our worth as black Africans. However, it took his death for the world to know that the celebrated movie star was battling stage four colon cancer. A condition he worked through with since 2016.

Live, love and laugh

Chadwick led a happy, loving, and caring life. According to Derrick, Chadwick’s pastor brother, Chadwick was a gift and inspiration. Not only to him but also to his family, and eventually, this personality spread to the world. He further reminisces how it was hard for him to come to terms with sharing his brother to the world. All he wanted was to love his little chad like he always did.

Chadwick in his early ages

Chadwick was brought up in the humble small town of Anderson in South Carolina. Their father, Leroy, affirmed how he always encouraged his kids to do their best. But when it came to his son Chadwick, he never had to push him into his career. He believed that if his son sought to go for arts, he would see that he takes care of himself.

Chad even had prayer calls with his family and was a firm believer. He had faith both in the good and bad times. Chadwick was charismatic enough to go out of his way to extend a helping hand wherever and whenever needed. He somehow knew how to put people’s needs before his. Leroy encouraged the young generation to pursue their purpose in life and not give in, especially when the going gets tough. Chadwick lived, loved, and laughed, and he did all that in the best possible way he could. He gave it his all.

The last prayer

For four years, Chadwick’s health was deteriorating. August 2020, he somehow knew he didn’t have to fight any longer. According to Derrick, Chadwick was aware he was not going to make it this time round. Before his death, Chadwick asked his brother to `get him out of the game. Derrick wasn’t aware of what his little brother meant. It was then later that he realized that his young brother was ready to let go. Derrick further explained that he knew he had to change his prayers of asking for healing.

He had to grant his young brother’s wishes. He then asked for God’s will to be done. And for sure, it was God’s will. Chad passed away the following day. It has been quite challenging for his loved ones to mourn him. But I guess he was for us all. Although it might seem too invasive for the friends and family, he impacted all of us. And we will live to honor him as a true Black hero.





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