Chad’s military ruler declared winner of presidential election as opposition disputes result

Chad's military ruler declared winner

Chad’s military ruler declared winner : The recent presidential election in Chad, which the country’s military leader Mahamat Deby Itno won, as shown in provisional results released on Thursday, caused a dramatic shift in the country’s political landscape. Prime Minister Succès Masra, his main opponent, however, quickly challenged the result.

The national institution in Chad responsible for overseeing the electoral processes surprised everyone by releasing the election results weeks ahead of schedule. A little over 18.5% of the vote went to Masra, while more than 61% went to Deby Itno, according to the preliminary tallies. As a sign of the anxious mood surrounding the voting process, the news sparked gunshots in the nation’s capital.

The early disclosure hastened the unfolding of Chad’s political story, even though the expectancy for the preliminary results was initially set for May 21st. After three years of military control, the long-awaited presidential election finally took place, and many observers thought the incumbent would win easily. Following his father’s untimely death in battle against rebels in 2021, Deby Itno—also known as Mahamat Idriss Deby—came to power. His father had governed the nation for thirty years.

With a population of close to 18 million and an oil-rich economy, Chad has struggled through a history of few democratic transitions since declaring independence from France in 1960. A persistent obstacle in Chad’s political development has been the lack of an open and unbiased transfer of power.

Leading up to Thursday’s announcement, Prime Minister Masra expressed his concerns on social media, particularly Facebook, and accused the authorities of using manipulative tactics to influence the election’s result. Masra’s proactive speech highlighted the increased tensions and long-standing suspicions surrounding the voting process, adding to the political climate of unpredictability in the country.

The future of Chad’s government is uncertain as the nation faces a critical crossroads in the wake of contentious election results and mounting tensions; this has far-reaching consequences for the lives of Chadians and the dynamics of the region at large.


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