Chad Mourns: Opposition Figure Yaya Dillo Gunned Down in Tragic Incident

Chad Mourns: Opposition Figure Yaya Dillo Gunned Down in Tragic Incident
Opposition leader Yaya Dillo at a press conference in N’Djamena, 30 April 2021 (Issouf Sanogo/AFP)

Chad Mourns: Opposition Figure Yaya Dillo Gunned Down in Tragic Incident

Chad is grappling with political turmoil as Yaya Dillo, an opposition leader, was reported killed in a clash with security forces. The government had accused Dillo of involvement in a deadly attack on the country’s security agency, an allegation he vehemently denied. The confrontation unfolded near his party’s headquarters in the capital, N’Djamena, where heavy gunfire was reported.

Dillo, known for vocal criticism of President Mahamat Déby, opposed the leadership since Déby assumed office in 2021, succeeding his father, who ruled for three decades before being killed by rebels. The violence surrounding Dillo’s death comes amid preparations for presidential elections slated for May 6 to restore constitutional rule in Chad.

According to Communications Minister Abderaman Koulamallah, Dillo refused to surrender and engaged in gunfire with law enforcement before succumbing to his death at the party’s headquarters. The government had accused him of orchestrating an attack on the National Security Agency (ANSE) headquarters, a charge Dillo dismissed as an attempt to intimidate him and dissuade his participation in the upcoming elections.

In a statement, Dillo expressed that the accusations were aimed at instilling fear in him, discouraging his involvement in the electoral process. Meanwhile, a colleague of Dillo, the general secretary of his Socialist Party Without Borders (PSF), reported that PSF members came under attack from soldiers while attempting to retrieve the body of Ahmed Torabi, another party member. Torabi had allegedly been arrested and shot dead a day earlier, with his body discarded outside the ANSE building.

The government’s account asserts that Torabi had tried to assassinate the president of the Supreme Court. These events underscore the rising tensions and political instability in Chad, raising concerns about the fairness and security of the upcoming elections. The death of Yaya Dillo, a prominent opposition figure, further exacerbates the already complex political landscape in the country. The international community is closely watching the situation as Chad grapples with the aftermath of these violent clashes amid the impending electoral process.


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