Burundi: Women occupy 30 percent of Burundi’s New Cabinet


Burundi serves as an example of how women empowerment if taken into account, can steer a country towards development. The country is appreciating  the efforts put in place to promote equality between men and women. An agenda that women not only in East Africa but Africa at large, have been advocating for, for a long period. Well, its about time.  Some countries have taken heed to women’s pleas, hence are gradually incorporating women in leadership roles and giving them a chance to table their contributions. But Burundi stands out! The statistics prove that indeed the country is embracing the new wave of enhancing equality between men and women.

The Burundi Leadership

The Burundi nation led by president Evariste Ndayishimiye with the help of a Prime Minister and vice president, Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni and Prosper Bazombanza respectively, are indeed ready for the women’s era. The president appointed a sixteen-member cabinet which is inclusive of both the vice president and the minister. Of the sixteen members nominated, six are women! The president has set the pace in enacting the policy that advocates for womens leadership roles in governments.

The women in Ndayishimiye’s cabinet

The six ministries and the names of the women that are to govern them are;

  1. Ministry of health which has re-appointed Thadee Ndikumana. Thadee retains her leadership role in serving her country from the previous government headed by president Nkurunziza.
  2. Ministry of justice to be headed by Madame Jeanie Nibizi to govern.
  3. The ministry of Public service, labor and employment which has been mandated to Madame Domine Banyankimbona.
  4. The ministry of commerce, transport, industry and tourism; handed over to the able Hon. Immaculate Ndabaneze.
  5. The ministry of National solidarity, social affairs, human rights and Gender to be governed by Madame Immelde Sabushimike.
  6. Last but not least, the ministry of communication, information technologies and media is to be under the authority of Marie Chantal Nijimbere.

Importance of women in leadership

Women are excellent at multitasking. This trait comes in handy when executing important decisions that have major impact on the country. Not only is this applicable to government leadership roles, but to any industry ready to incorporate women in the business. Moreover, women works perfect on positive impacts on any sort of business they venture in or are part of.

Furthermore, women have proven to be trustworthy and more collaborative when it comes to working with other colleagues, be it in the senate or cabinets. When it comes to trustworthiness, women have proven to be very ethical and honest people concerning any matters at hand. Equipped with their problem solving skills, they are ready to offer solutions pertaining any arising matter.


I stand to believe that is how Thadee Ndikumana, still retains her position as the minister of health. Her work and leadership roles in the area managed to open more doors for women  in the current leadership roles. It serves as a challenge to other countries and the world at large to embrace women leadership. And the need for equal rights in power and politics without bias.



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