Burkina Faso Opposition’s Rally: The Promises


With election tension rising in Burkina Faso, epi and daba party supporters turned up in large numbers to show support for their presidential candidate, Eddie Komboïgo. Komboïgo is the candidate for the Congress for Democracy and Progress (CDP) party, founded by Blaise Compaoré, the 2014 ousted president.

The Congress for Democracy and Progress was the ruling party in Burkina Faso up to 2014 when Blaise Compaoré was overthrown. Eddie Komboïgo suggested the party was eager to get back to its ruling ways once more.

“We have lost power on the streets, but we have returned to win back power at the voting ballots,” Komboïgo said to his cheerful supporters during the rally.”

National reconciliation

Among his promises was that he was going to lead national reconciliation, which will involve bringing back Blaise Compaoré, who is still in exile following his 2014 oust. This means that when Eddie Komboïgo becomes president, the founder of the Congress for Democracy and Progress party will find his way back to the country.

An end to anti-jihadist Uprising

Eddie Komboïgo also promised an end to the anti-jihadist uprising, which has claimed thousands of Burkinabé lives. Burkina Faso is currently experiencing war, which has spread from the western part of Africa’s Sahel region. According to the Observatory for Democracy and Human Rights, more than 1,650 civilians have died since 2015. In addition, close to a million people have fled their homes. The Western country’s rate nowhere in the country as safe.


Insecurity is currently a pressing matter in Burkina Faso owing to the fact that the Western Countries travel advisory rated everywhere in the country as unsafe. Komboïgo touched on the issue of insecurity during the rally.

”At this point, I speak from the heart, this must stop. For five years we have not been able to repel our attackers. And they keep saying, we’re going to flex our muscles. Of course, they are not your children. These are not children who are going to war. They are soldiers. Yes, patriotic soldiers.”

Economic Recovery

Burkinabé’s economy has declined over the past due to insecurity. Owing to the negative travel advisory given by the Western countries, tourism has notably declined. More than five years ago, Burkina Faso prided itself among the top tourist destinations in Africa, but this has since changed. Komboïgo promised that he would deliver economic recovery to the country.

Education Sector.

Last on his list of promises was improving the education sector. Although Burkina Faso has witnessed a consistent rise in literacy levels over time, a boost in the education sector would be welcomed. This may include Komboïgo ensuring that the law that makes education compulsory for children aged between 7 and 14 years.




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