Bukina Faso; Civilians Armed Against Militants.

Militants have gradually become a major issue in most African countries in recent years. Militants are vigorously active, combative, and aggressive in trying to support a cause. They try to create or fight for a change by choosing violent ways instead of diplomacy. Terrorism is on the rise in African as it spreads across nations within the continent. One could only ask if terrorism by Militants is the only mode of conflict in Africa?

The recent surge attacks across Africa are not doing justice to the question above hence we are left to believe otherwise. One of our belive is that terrorism is becoming a dominant mode of conflict in Africa. For example, in the early part of this year while families were celebrating the cross over into a New year and decade. Militants were also planning their attacks on cities, churches, and markets. There were attacks in Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Cameroon, Libya, Mali, Cote d’Ivoire, and Somalia. And many civilians have suffered from these terror attacks from Militants. Militants do not respect the political and geographical boundaries of a nation. According to un

Effects Of Terror Attacks By Militants In Burkina Faso

There is no attack that does not have a negative impact on its victims or the environment where it is been carried out.  For every terror attack that goes on in Burkina Faso and across Africa, it brings a reputation to the continent and the affected state. Terrorism drive investors and tourists far from a nation hence the economy of the nation is greatly affected. Moreso, when the economy of a Nation is affected the inevitable occurs like Inflation. And when there is inflation, the poor feel the heat of shortage of supplies first then poverty, sickness and disease begin to encroach the nation. Furthermore, when militants carry out an attack on civilians lives are lost in numbers and families are left in pain and sorrow.  Someone may say that these militants should be apprehended and be made to face the law.

Identity Of Militants In Burkina Faso

It is only a group of people with Identity that can be declared wanted not someone behind a mask. This is the situation in Burkina Faso, these militants seem not to have a base within the country. Neither do they have a local goal they have announced to achieve in any locality. This group can be described as embryonic except for the Islamic tendencies that they profess hence they have no boundaries. Militants do not state a political goal that can help build the nation. Rather they destroy everything that may be important to the government of a nation.

If Militants Are So Dangerous Why Arm Civilians Armed To Fight Them In Burkina Faso?

This is a question that can not be ignored because civilians are not trained for war like those in the military. Moreso, civilians are to be protected by the security agency within a nation but here reverse is the case. As the adage says “there is no smoke without fire” that is there is no action without a cause. There are a few reasons why the government have decided to arm civilians against militants in Burkina Faso such as;

  • The soldiers need help hence Burkina Faso parliament has approved legislation that permits the use of civilian volunteers in the fight.
  • According to Cheriff Sy, he said that the use of civilians would permit the military to do more against the extremist. This is according to learningenglish.voanews

However, the Minister of Defence Cheriff Sy, all volunteers would receive two weeks of training. This training would include subjects on how to use weapons and discipline. According to learningenglish.voanews

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