8 Fascinating Things about Nigeria you Didn’t Know


In every 5 Africans you meet, one is a Nigeria, an explanation of why it’s the most populous country in Africa. The people of Nigeria have a vibrant culture that they exhibit to tourists from other countries. Do you want to learn about the culture, the religion, the fashion, the cooking, the way of life and et cetera about them? Here’s an article about the 8 fascinating things about Nigeria. Understanding their lives helps you familiarize yourself with their home country when you visit. It’s also a way of exploring the different cultures of the Africans.

i) Fashion and Design

There are no Africans who love fashion more than Nigerians. They showcase their beautiful and fashionable attire at weddings, functions, celebrations, and even in church services. Ideally, Nigerian ladies are known to maintain beauty and attractiveness throughout. It’s funny that they plan for a certain dress long before the event happens. You are likely to only spot a few Nigerian men with suits. Most are adorned in their traditional clothing. So, if you want to be amidst fashion lovers, try Nigerians. Fashion and design are one of the 10 fascinating things about Nigeria.

ii) Religion

I don’t think there are people as religious as the Nigerians. They always rever God in their dealings because they know He is all-powerful. When in Lagos and ask a Nigerian how their day is, you will be fascinated to hear them acknowledging God. You will find Nigerians stream in churches to worship. The Islamic group is also prevalent in Nigeria. Freedom of worship allows people from different religions to coexist. In as much as Nigeria is concerned, religion is a very important aspect.

iii) Travel

Nigerians love to take adventures far off from their homeland. They are eager to go looking for greener pastures. Sure enough, when they succeed, they always come home. Evidently, major airports in Nigeria are crowded during the festive season as those in diaspora return home. As long as a Nigerian is stepping out of their country, they are delighted. The excitement that comes with flying away from home is evident on their faces. 8 fascinating things you need to know about Nigeria won’t be complete without the travel aspect. Nigerians love adventure and travel.

iv) Jollof Rice

Of all the things, Nigerians treasure preparing tasty delicacies. In a meal, you won’t miss the jollof rice and beef soup. Additionally, Nigerian mothers want to ensure everyone remains full. They are masters in the kitchen trying out various dishes. Jollof rice is a meal that originated from Senegal but gained popularity among the Western part of Africa. It’s common in Ghana and Nigeria but more popular in the latter.

v) Football

Nigerians love playing football so much that there’s no weekend you’d find them bored. They even would skip their meals just not to miss any updates on the game. Wives don’t bother to remind them about their meals because this will fall on deaf ears. This shows that these people are obsessed with the game. Though they also play other games, football is the best for them. Athletics lose themselves in the fields enjoying this sport. So, when putting together 10 fascinating things about Nigeria, football could not be omitted. Both the young and the old spend their leisure time enjoying the games.

vi) Music and celebrities

Both traditional and modern music are common among Nigerians. Music such as Afrobeats among others is popular here. The musicians here are a good number since these people express their feelings through music. Music and dances account for the vibrant communities in Nigeria. Hence, different messages are passed across the people at opportune times. Besides, most of the Nigerian musicians have gained international acclaim because of their exemplary music. Therefore, the music genre is growing day in day out in Nigeria.

vii) Nollywood filmmaking

After Bollywood and Hollywood, Nollywood is the biggest film industry in the world. Here, Nigerian actresses and actors show up their talent as well as entertain the audiences. The likes of Pete Edochie, Tonto Dikeh, Ini Edo, Patience Ozokwor among others. They are passionate about their acting lives. Furthermore, through these films, values are taught to the people through acting. Nollywood is an avenue for showcasing talent and entertainment to the rest of the world. Most of these films feature Nigerian cultures at their best. 8 fascinating things about Nigeria proudly entails the Nollywood scene.




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