Black Panther Star Chadwick Boseman Mural Displayed at Disneyland


The Hollywood movie star, who quickly rose to fame with the movie `Black Panther` was recently honored through the mural. The mural unveiled Chadwick Boseman with a young boy doing the Wakanda forever salute from the Black Panther. Disneyland took the opportunity and privilege to reveal the mural, which was named `King Chad` earlier today in Florida. Nikkolas Smith, Chad`s longtime admirer of his work, created the art. He mentioned how it was an honor to bring honor to the passed on black legend through his art.

Chadwick Boseman mural

Nikkolas couldn’t hide his admiration on Chadwick. The concept artist and illustrator went ahead to explain how Chadwick was a beacon to the current generation. His works beamed with great inspiration to many, Nikkolas affirmed. He further explained how he was a light that was shining all over his projects. He brought a lot of hope and joy, even to the youngest of his generation.

Details on the Mural

The boy portrayed in art as wearing a hospital gown. He is sharing the Wakanda greeting with Chadwick. Nikkolas said that, just like Chad, he loved to bring the magic to children in hospitals. Nikkolas explained how he was in awe of people’s reactions on their first time view of the mural.

Many parents who were undergoing the same struggles of being strong for their children who have cancer expressed their gratitude. The mural portrayed more of their sons and daughters more than it did the boy in the picture. Having the mural at Disneyland was a beautiful experience.

He loved how small children came up to the piece and paid their respects. Some would smile, take pictures in the Wakanda salute, and some would even cry. It was definitely so moving for the artist. Nikkolas said he would make another trip to Disneyland and continue meeting with the kids who found the mural admirable.



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