Apple Announces COVID-19 Website And App in Partnership With CDC and The White House.

Apple Announces COVID-19 Website And App in Partnership With CDC and The White House.

How Much Is The World Prepared In Combating Covid-19?

Since the new coronavirus emerged on the face of the earth, a lot of damage has happened. Countries around the globe are trying their level best to combat the disease. The doctors and police forces are not sleeping since they have a great responsibility of saving the world from COVID-19. Apple announces coronavirus websites and applications that will help curb the pandemic.

Countries, medical and tech organizations have come together to save humanity from dying. People all over the world hope that soon enough all this will be over and everything will be back to normal.

Technology In The Fight Of COVID-19.

Apple is helping in combating the virus since it developed a new website and app. They are to act as a screening tool for the deadly virus. Another vital aspect of the website and app is that it provides updated information from trusted origins.

Technology specialists build the software in collaboration with the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. In its introduction to the new technology, Apple clarified that it does not provide tests for COVID-19.

The COVID-19 app is available on Apple’s Appstore. Its website is open to Windows, Mac, and Android phones. The main drive to developing the software is to help people protect themselves. They will do this by accessing ready and reliable data from the comfort of their homes.

The Contents Of The Website.

This website is to contain some questions based on the current crisis. The questions may ask about risk factors, symptoms of coronavirus and peoples’ recent exposures. It also counsels on what a victim or patient requires doing. The website advises on procedures of testing the COVID-19 and self-isolation.

Those victims with serious symptoms need to call the emergency number (911). Whilst those with milder signs and symptoms go through a process. They need to monitor their symptoms, rest or talk to a health representative concerning the tests taken.

Demerits And Merits Of the App And Website.

Everything created on this earth has its good and bad sides. In the case of the new Apple software, its greatest disadvantage is that they limit it in the United States. This means that other people in different countries will not get exposed to the new technology, therefore becoming a significant challenge.

Its advantage is that it does not need one to sign in with their Apple ID. Apple promises not to gather an individual’s information and share with the authorities.

The updated Siri provides users with a step-wise questionnaire and information. This is to help users use the voice assistant if they suspect having the disease.

Collaboration With Other Tech Organizations.

The company of Apple is not doing all this alone. An affiliate of Alphabet is concentrating on coronavirus testing and screening. The company has over 1000 volunteers from google who are working on the project.

So far, impressive progress on COVID-19 is happening. We all hope that with different knowledge combined, COVID-19 will be over.




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