Air Pollution; Is it More of a Concern Than The Viruses?

Air Pollution; Is it More of a Concern Than The Viruses?
air pollution

Air pollution is the presence of harmful substances in the air or the earth’s atmosphere produced by factories or humans.

Pollutants And Sources Of Air Pollution

Air pollution is caused by air pollutants which are materials in the air that have bad effects on life. The pollutant affects the ecosystem in general. It is divided as primary and secondary pollutants.

The primary ones come as a result of processes such as from a factory whereas the secondary ones result from a combination of the primary pollutants and are not emitted directly.

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and it is recognized as the leading pollutant in the atmosphere. The second type of pollutant is the Sulphur oxides which are released from the processes of factories or substances burnt that have Sulphur compounds.

The other main pollutants from human activities are the production of toxic metals such as lead and mercury. The chlorofluorocarbons released from the aerosol sprays and air conditioners are advised against since they damage the ozone layer.

The pollutants

These pollutants are released from anthropogenic and natural sources. Some of the anthropogenic sources include fossil fuel power stations, factories, and waste incinerators and these are recognized as stationary. Besides, there are mobile sources such as cars and airplanes.

Other than combustion ways there are also processes source types. Natural sources include dust, methane, radon gas, smoke, carbon monoxide and volcanic activities which result in the release of ash and sulfur.

An unknown cause of pollution is brought about by poor ventilation in the houses which result in a bad quality of air.

The Adverse Effects Brought About By Pollution

Pollution seems to be far worse dangerous than it was thought to be since it has several effects on health, agricultural, economic and among other effects. An agricultural effect includes the production of ground-level ozone which reduces crop yields by great numbers.

Countries use a lot of money due to productivity losses which are caused by human deaths due to extensive air pollution.

The health sector is the most affected by  pollution due to the deaths and diseases caused. In 2015 according to the analysis done by the World Health Organization an additional 8.8 million premature deaths were due to air pollution.

Most deaths happen to the old and young children most probably who are below the age of 5. The disease that attacks humans from pollution includes cancer of the lungs, cardiovascular diseases. Other deadly lung diseases brought about by smoking. Cardiovascular diseases are considered as the main cause of premature deaths that are from air pollution.

Solutions Towards Pollution

Despite air pollution being a silent pandemic, ways to reduce or curb air pollution are developed. Alternatives devise to pollution include the lessening of many car travels which would reduce pollution from automobiles and use of biodigesters especially in poor countries. Apart from these, there are very many other ways of controlling pollution.



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