Africa braces for new virus


The novel virus, which has spread immensely in China Wuhan, is yet to be affirmed to have braced in Africa. The virus has manifested following interactions with infected persons and also through contact with live animal markets. For it is airborne, it is highly contagious.

Earlier in a Chinese-owned hospital, employees watched as migrants alleged to have traveled from china streamed the hospital. Besides, they were coughing, a symptom of the corona, but were not quarantined from the other patients. A medical practitioner from the hospital stopped administering her services, for they pronounced her absent. Word has it that the doctor tending to the patients might have contracted the virus, hence her absentia for the past one week. Some health workers have also quit their jobs due to confusion and insecurity in the fraternity. Though, the medical specialists have been ordered not to provide any news about the virus.


Corona outbreak is yet to be affirmed in Africa following close to one million Chinese inhabitants in the country, so much worry has taken a toll. With the movement by migrants to and out of the country, chances are the virus will spread quickly. As hundreds of Chinese migrants arrive in the country daily, the African countries are bracing up to take precaution measures despite lots of challenges involved. We have implemented tremendous safeguarding measures to curb the menace throughout the continent. Some of these measures include a close examination of individuals in port, enhanced treating and testing techniques, isolation of the infected, etc. Especially as temperature plays a vital role in determining a victim of the corona, thermometers are being used in the to examine the people’s conditions. Isolation involves placement in mainly single rooms from where treatment is administered.

The Sinozam medical fraternity has adopted some precautionary measures which involve; examining their patient’s body temperature using infrared thermometers, the use of health masks to minimize contact, washing hands with disinfectant, etc. Adequate oxygen inhalers have also been supplied in the hospital as the virus is accompanied by breathing difficulties. So far, Sinozam is among the well-precautioned hospitals in Zambia. Crucially, however, there is not yet any confirmation of the virus contraction as they await a lab sample to be imported to confirm the hypothesis, especially the fever patients.

Moreover, for the Chinese migrants who arrived in the hospital earlier, they were not quarantined because they didn’t possess peculiar symptoms of the virus. Hence, as a result, their samples were not tested and were provided with antibiotics. The hospital has further set aside the award in which they would check patients with high temperatures.


Africa is perceived as a developing continent as its treatment and they weigh prevention measures below average. Predictions are corona outbreak in Africa is likely to wipe out many due to the weak medical system. Despite efforts by the Africans, there has been a scarcity in testing kits. Some people have contracted a disease with similar symptoms to corona. The emergency officer for world health organization stated that despite mild symptoms, the condition could paralyze the whole community.

 “We’re not prepared. If we had a couple of cases, it would spread very quickly,” physiotherapist Fundi Sinkala said. “We’re doing the best we can with what resources we have.”



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