62nd Grammy Honors Nipsey Hussle as Eritrean attire on show

The two fallen legends tribute on 62nd Grammy

They held the 62nd Grammy Awards to commemorate the two fallen stars i.e., Nipsey Hussle and Kobe Bryant. The honor was all to Nipsey Hussle. Nipsey was a famous rapper, born in Los Angeles. He was and still celebrated for his renowned talent in rapping. The lad, however, succumbed after a hired hitman assassinated him. This happened days before he tweeted. He had powerful enemies. His demise brought sorrow and grief to his family, friends, and supporters.

Likewise, another legendary star, Kobe Bryant, also perished in a plane crash with his daughter. The lad died at 41 years of age. His death has made people all over the world astonished so fast. The man’s departure has left a significant gap in the NBA in that he was a star. That there is no one in his family to continue with his legacy is saddening. His then protégée, her daughter, is also deceased. His wife and kids are still agonizing over their lost family members for the thought of never seeing them again is just so unbearable.

Commemoration event

The supportive and genuine family thought it gratifying to pay tribute to them. This event started on Sunday,26th January 2020. The event, Grammy Awards, had the theme of Eritrean culture mainly for the love of Nipsey, who was a star to the Eritreans, Ethiopians, and all over Africa. A variety of artists came to showcase their art. They included; John Legend, Kirk Franklin, DJ Khaled, and Meek Mill.

Artists like John Legend dressed in the traditional Eritrean outfit known as habeshaoufits. This theme was adapted because traditionally, Nipsey was of the Eritrea culture. They reflected large photos of the stars on a big screen. The artists paid tribute after their performance as a sign of appreciation. We know Kobe for his meticulous skill on basketball hence an NBA legend with 5 NBA champions. We know Nipsey for his rocking rap, which amused most listeners. As a result, he won the 2019 price for the best rap; however, after his assassination, he lost the title to Cardi.

On the 26th, during the 62nd Grammy award, Nipsey was represented by his family members Lauren London, Margaret Boutte, Samiel Asghedom, Emani Asghedom, who, on behalf of Nipsey Hussle, and his collaborator Hit-Boy received the award for best rap performance for “Racks in the Middle.”

Fans amazed at the unity among the artists

Fans have reacted positively following the emulation of Eritrean culture. This has portrayed the picture of unity even in times of misery. They took this step because Nipsey was an American Eritrean. However, his friends and colleagues still organized something special. It shows oneness in the music industry in America. Hence such are some virtues even the upcoming artists should practice that. It is so because success comes with a lot of determination, commitment, love, and steadfastness.

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