Citizen TV Presenter Who Danced on His Way to The Top

What motivated the Citizen TV Presenter

The citizen TV presenter, Timeless Noel, has leveled his dancing and as a show host because of exceptional levels of steadfastness. The lad has risen to greater heights through continuous commitment and hard work. The young man related his enthusiasm to pursue dancing as being triggered by a past encounter. He said he had experienced a humiliating moment when he was called upon to dance, and his dance moves sure to spread the news of how much of an amateur, he was.

This encounter left his friends, who had invited him to a house party laughing and making fun. At that moment, he felt so belittled and regretted every single step he had taken to dance.

“Everyone was taking their turn in the center circle to show off their dancing skills, and when it was finally my turn, I had one of those ‘moments to forget.’ It was so bad that my friends laughed me off the stage,” he narrated.

Noel stated that the prior encounters had then stimulated him to pursue dancing as a craft. It’s like his greatest fear heightened to be his motivator.

“It’s beautiful how one of your worst experiences in life can push you to the top,” he stated.

However, despite the disgrace he had brought upon himself as a standard two students, he didn’t refrain from dancing. He took part in dance competitions from where he battled cohorts who were older than him. From the jam sessions that he attended, he emerged victorious to his colleagues. The laughingstock was the new player in town.


When he joined Chulaimbo Sec in Kisumu, he augmented his dance moves by forming dance crews and attempting new moves. Through continuous practice and dedication, Noel perfected his art. It is clear how the man cemented his talent right from the roots by acknowledging his fall as his doom at the time he enrolled in Nairobi university. Noel had become a guru in his craft. He was already having opportunities coming his one point he worked with renowned dance artists like Wyre and also did partnerships with artists like Cecile.

 “I was working with industry greats singer, Wyre -going on to appear in Kode Dance as well as his hit collabo with Jamaican songstress Cecile. “

Opportunities strike

Noel’s prowess is his path to success. Due to the enthusiasm and passion, the man had; opportunities kept knocking at his door. He relates his delight to more exceptional accomplishments after accepting Christ in his life. He states his life had completely transformed.

“However, the most crucial year in my life has to be 2012, as this was the year when I gave my life to Christ and everything change “However, the most important year in my life has to be 2012, as this was the year when I gave my life to Christ and everything changed.”

It’s in the year 2012 that he received a golden chance to work in the ‘kubamba’ show that aired on NTV with DJ Moz, Njugush, DJ Johni, and DJ Soxxci. Working as a frontier for the show, he visited a variety of high schools and let the students showcase their talents in a way he helped nurturing young dancers. However, it was not long before his contract ended. Soon after which he was struck by another opportunity, working for the citizen’s TV bambika gospel show as a host. Noel is working with holy Dave, DJ Gee Gee, and Karwirwa for citizen’s morning gospel show on Sunday. Noel has gained recognition and reputation over his past and continued years of passion. He has hence been an exclusive dancer.


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