13 Ways to save big on groceries

Shopping on groceries is often a daunting task, especially when you haven’t planned on a budget that will keep you on track. While it’s possible to save big on groceries, it requires you to maintain high-level of discipline when shopping. Here are some of the tips you can use to help you save.

  1.    Prepare a list
  2. Shopping list to help you save big on groceries
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Make a list of all the items you need before stepping out to shop. The list is important in helping you keep track of your spending and avoid impulse buying

  1.    Window shop for discounted items

Prices of most commodities usually fluctuate with time, for example during holidays. Be on the lookout for discounts to save on shopping . Walking to different stores will also help you compare the prices  for various products.

  1.   Don’t shop on an empty stomach

Hunger comes with the temptation to grab something you didn’t intend to buy, therefore making you spend more than you budgeted. Grab a snack before shopping to avoid overspending.

  1.   Shop in local stores.

Your local store is likely to sell fresh food at a relatively cheaper price compared to supermarkets. Shopping in the local store also means supporting local business while creating relationships with vendors.  It’s also easier to negotiate for discounts and save big on groceries through your local vendors.

  1.   Buy produce in season

Prices of items like fruits and vegetables usually vary depending on the seasons. When the market is flooded with a commodity, then that’s the right time to purchase and stock. When the supply goes down, the prices increase hence you’ll spend more than necessary

  1.   Shop once a week

This will not only save you time, but more coins you’d spend going to shop regularly. If it’s possible, reduce it to once or twice a month. Shopping in bulk also help you keep track of the time duration of household items before they get depleted.

  1.  Avoid pre-packaged food

Go for whole meals, and prepare your own food. Pre-packaged foods are expensive and it will cost you more. Once you go for shopping, be certain to purchase food that you’ll prepare back home and not ready-made one.

  1.   Shop more for fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are not only cheap and affordable, they also have great nutritional value to your health. Be in the habit of purchasing more healthy food products than unhealthy junk foods.

  1.   Use a meal planner
  2. Meal planning
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Instead of worrying about what you’ll shop for, and how much you’ll spend, have a meal planner to help you organize your budget depending on the meals you intend to have. A meal planner also helps to resist impulse buying and cut on unplanned trips to the store.

  1. 10.  Get a freezer to store perishable foods

Don’t let foods you can store go into waste. A freezer is necessary for storing all the perishable foods that could otherwise go bad. Invest in one. Leftovers can easily be reheated and used for the following days depending on your meal plan

  1.   Buy only what you need

Impulse buying in grocery shopping is tantamount to money indiscipline like any other type of shopping. Purchase only the items on your list, even when you are tempted to go for ‘on sale’ products.

  1.  Shop alone

Kids are likely to make you spend more, especially when they spot foodstuffs they love. You know how difficult it is to say no to them, so why not go shopping by yourself instead?

  1.   Shop online

Online shopping has made life easier. No need to go miles for items that you can order and receive at the comfort of your home. Ensure you compare the costs in terms of prices, and delivery costs. If shopping online will make you save a dime, then go for it. Furthermore, it help you cut on gas and parking costs when you have to drive to a store.

Save big on groceries through proper planning and writing a list which most people have mastered. With the tips listed here, you’re likely to save more money.



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