12-Year-Old Girl With Coronavirus is on a Ventilator and Fighting for Her Life

12-Year-Old Girl With Coronavirus is on a Ventilator and Fighting for Her Life
12-Year-Old Girl With Coronavirus is on a Ventilator and Fighting for Her Life

Since the emergence of coronavirus from China, Wuhan, the disease has caused much more damage than expected. Many people from young to old are falling victims of the deadly disease, and it kills its victims too.

The coronavirus comprises flu to pneumonia-like symptoms. Patient’s experience dry coughs, tiredness, and shortness of breath. The World Health Organization advises people to be serious about COVID19 and take necessary measures proposes. These measures include social distancing, sanitization, regular cleanliness, self-isolation, and cover mouth while coughing.

The extent of coronavirus Effects

The coronavirus has hit several countries around the world, especially in Italy. The doctors in Lombardy say that they get a little rest, some say they have little time for their families and others are afraid of what holds next.

Health experts say that elderly people and those with other health complications are at high risk of death. The young adults have promising outcomes than old people. In the United States, about 20% of the victims in hospitals because of coronavirus are young people at an age bracket of 20-44.

In Italy, the hospitals are in congestion and the government tries to extend the health care services in every viable location. Over 500 confirmed cases of coronavirus are in Georgia and about 20 deaths.

Covid-19 Crisis In Young Adults And Children

According to the Chinese Centers for Disease Control and Prevention out of the 45000 reported cases China, there was only one victim of death in a young person. Out of 730 cases reported and 1412 cases suspected of coronavirus in children in China, a teenage boy died (14-yr-old).

About 6% of the young people’s cases are bad, and 18.5% of adults have very severe signs and symptoms.

The Sad Story Of Emma, A 12-Year-Old Girl, Who Has coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

Emma is an example of a young person who contracted the deadly disease and is fighting hard for her life in an Atlanta hospital. She tested positive for COVID19 on Friday night but previously had pneumonia on Sunday 15th this month. They say the girl did not travel anywhere and therefore doctors are asking how she might have gotten the virus from.

They limit her story to the public, but a man named Anthony briefly tells us he needs everyone to get very serious with the disease. He urges people to follow the measures proposed to stop the spread of the disease.

As countries continue to combat the coronavirus, people hope for their vaccine and treatment. The World Health Organization says that every country is together in this hard time and promises for a cure to the virus soon enough.