11 Entrepreneurs In Ethiopia That are Making a Change


In every single country in the African continent, you will always find amazing people that are taking things into their hands and creating businesses that could help the people in their country. In Ethiopia, there are few entrepreneurs that have made a name for themselves.

Senai Wonderuffael is a 28-year-old who is the founder of Feed Green Ethiopia, a spice and coffee production company. The company is fully staffed by women providing jobs for women who are excluded from the job market. Giving this opportunity to create jobs for the women in the country is something I find amazing.

Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu is the founder and CEO of Sole Rebels; a footwear company that is the world’s first Fair-trade Certified footwear by the World Fair Trade Organization. The company was started to create jobs for skilled but unemployed artisans, weavers, farmers in her community while spreading the Ethiopian heritage around the world.

Tadios Belete is the founder and owner of Kuriftu Resort Spa. He started his company in hopes of putting Ethiopia back on the map which he did. His company was created to put a dent in the country tourism industry. By creating a resort spa business, every single tourist that comes to Ethiopia gets to experience the amazing luxuries the country and company has to offer.

Hadia M. Gondji is a man of many titles under his belt but he is known as the owner of Hadia Seed Production & Agro Industry PLC. Not only that but he is also the Managing Director of Hadia Flower and Vegetable PLC, Hadia Supermarket and HMG and family PLC.

Hirut Alamerew Is also one of the few entrepreneurs in Ethiopia that is the owner and Managing Director of a company called Bemenet PLC which is an importer and distributor company.

Mekiya Mamiyo is an entrepreneur that is the founder and owner of Mekiya Enterprise, where she is also in charge of Mekiya Agricultural farm, Mekiya Agricultural Mechanization, Mekiya import&Export, ADA flour & Spaghetti factory, and Ethio Saudi German Hospital. These are all the amazing things that Mekiya Mamiyo takes into her hand to help make Ethiopia a better place not only for her but for society.

Sara Abera is an another female entrepreneur that is the owner Muya Ethiopia P.L.C. Her idea behind the company goal is to spread the rich heritage of traditional weaving, while incorporating modern textiles and fashion tastes.Also, in hopes to bring and retain Ethiopian weavers and craftsmen so they could work in improved conditions.

Askale Benti Korsa is the Shareholder and Chairperson of Ardi International Logistics S.C. located in Ethiopia.

Aster Solomon the founder and Managing Director of Information Systems service.

Amelework Giday is the owner of Technology PLC, Mecshot Commercial & Industrial PLC, also in charge of Techo decor PLC.

Almaz Tseham Teklu is the owner of Fanus General Trading.

These are the few people that do their best to make a change in their society. Ethiopia is known as the home of mankind and mankind’s favorite drink. It is a place where its people are determined to make sure it stays on the map and is never forgotten for what they have to offer.

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