10 Digital Marketing Tools To Advance Your Business Online

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Have you considered advancing your business beyond the brick and mortal enterprise with the use of vital digital marketing tools? Let it not be heard that are still stuck with the traditional way of marketing your products, services, and ideas.  If you haven’t tapped into the opportunities provided by technological revolution to grow your business, then you are sure to be missing out.  Be it a startup or an already existing business, do not undermine the power of digital marketing in the advancement of your business because, it provides multifaceted opportunities to connect with your online/ mobile consumers which ultimately generates higher income for you. There are collections of digital marketing tools that can help you achieve your goals be it in email marketing, content curation, social media marketing, event marketing, or analytics. Let us consider the following tools.


Email marketing Tools

MailChimp and Boomerage are free email marketing tools that can be tactically used for the effective promotion of your business online and enable long term connection with your customers.


MailChip also known as ‘service’, is one of the top email marketing tool provider in the world. With MailChimp, you can create, send emails, and newsletters about your products, goods, services, and ideas to prospects and customers. You may not have to download or install any software on your computer system because, it is a web application that works with most browsers. And guess what, it is free for businesses with less than 2,000 subscribers. You can also send  12,000 emails in one month.


Boomerage is another email marketing tool for your use. It is a free app for Gmail, Outlook and Android. With this amazing tool, you can schedule emails to be sent automatically at a predetermined time, get reminder to follow up on customers or prospects through email, schedule meetings with smart calendar and control when you receive, read and reply your mails. With this tool, nothing slips off you.


Social Media Tools

The role of social media marketing in advancing your business online cannot be over emphasized. Social media platforms are indispensable in promoting businesses in this digital epoch. Tools like Hootsuite and Socialmention are two social media management tools that will assist you in handling all your business activities on social media platforms.


Hootsuite comes with lots of features that enables you to manage several social media accounts, schedule posts ahead of time, track analytics and many more.  It can be simply referred to as your social media manager. You need to explore this and see the wonders it performs.


Just as the name implies, Socialmention is a tool that gives you insights into ongoing conversation on the Internet. It enables you to search for words, phrases or hashtags used on the Internet.  With Socialmention, you can keep a tab on what people are saying about your business/brand. It transcends social media in it operation so you can also keep a tab on blogs, bookmarks, images and videos. With this, there is no escape route for any conversation across the internet.


Content Creation Tools

You are probably tired of hearing the buzz word “content is the key’ in digital marketing. If you agree with this school of thought, engage the use of useful content creation/curation tools to enable your keys (contents) to continually open the door of your business to kings (which are your potential and actual customers) who bring the revenue you need to stay in business.


BuzzSumo is an important tool for content marketing. With it, you can generate content ideas, search for contents by keywords and also monitor contents. It comes with features that allow you share contents from a simple dashboard, receive alerts whenever a new content is published. It also enables you to know who and who is engaging your content online.


This is a content creation tool for creating fantastic visual contents that appeal to the eyes. Visual contents have the potential of attracting the right target group to your business because of the sight appeal they exude. Should you want to create graphics for presentation, create a poster, banner, infographic or cards, Canva is the key tool. Give it a trial today.


Analytics Tools

It is important for you to understand the performance of your business based on facts and figures, discover trends that can affect your business and draw out an action points to improve the overall performance of your business. This is what analytics is all about.  Google Analytics and SimilarWeb are two common digital marketing tools for analyzing your business performance.



Google Analytics

Google Analytics measures your website performance by analysing traffic and painting a complete picture of who your audience are. It provides detail qualitative and quantitative data for drawing inferences and making business decisions. You cannot ignore Google Analytics in your digital marketing strategy.


SimilarWeb is another analytic tool that help you track the performance of your competitors who are very important to your business. You can dig up information about their global ranking and web traffic using different segmentations. It also allows you to compare your performance with that of your competitors for better strategy and business decision making.


Event Marketing Tools

Two important tools for marketing and managing your events online are Slideshare and Eventbrite.


Slideshare is a useful tool that enables you to conveniently share events’ presentation slides publicly or privately. PDF Portfolios, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents used in an event can be easily uploaded and shared to online audience. This can in turn create more awareness for

your business beyond the four walls of the presentation hall.


Eventbrite serves as a promotional tool for your events. You can invite wider audience to your events, create tickets and manage registration before the arrival of the deal day on this great tool. You will also be opportune to have a mental picture of the number of attendees to expect and this enables proper event management. Or would you rather oraganise an event with no one in attendance?


Having carefully examine these tools, what should be your response?  Limit yourself no more to the traditional marketing tools. You need to widen your business horizon. The good news is that the above mention tools are common and simple to use. So, engage these digital marketing tools today and experience a quantum leap in your business.


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