Zimbabwe’s Economic Crisis Deepens.

The economic crisis is a situation where a nation experiences a downturn brought about by a financial crisis. The economic crisis is also the drying up of liquidity and rising or falling in price due to inflation. This is a situation experienced in mos nations of the world, but Zimbabwe has been struggling for long. It has been over five decades that the country’s economic crisis has been on, and it is at it is peaks. Most Zimbabweans are in a state of poverty because they can not afford the basic necessity for themselves and their families. However, the New Leader Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration has struggled to stabilize the moribund economy and curb hyperinflation. However, some factors have encouraged Zimbabwe’s economic crisis, such as a severe drought that has affected production.

Causes Of Economic Crisis In Zimbabwe.

  • Zimbabwe’s economic crisis is blamed on the political leaders; Sine independence the country has been led by one only a president. Mugabe ruled the country for 35 years and maintained power until his death. Within this period, the country was ranked among the 20 most corrupt nations.
  • Land distribution program that demolished food production; To increase the employment rate in the 1990s, Mugabe instituted land reforms. This was a process where lands were taken away from landowners and were distributed to Zimbabweans. Although some of those given land for farming are inexperienced in agriculture, hence food production dropped. slate.com
  • HIV/AIDS among the citizens; It’s a significant threat that is affecting not just Zimbabwe but most African countries.
  • The involvement of Mugabe in the  Second Congo War
  • The U.S sanction; This was put in place in the early 2000s to curtail Mugabe’s regime and farms connected to them. This sanction increases the struggle in Zimbabwe as inflation increased drastically in 2008.
  • The effort of the regime to pull out of the regime by printing money; Mugabe tried to print as much money as he could to stay in power and pull out of the economic crisis.
The situation has caused many Zimbabweans to cry out for help and talk about their struggles such as;
  • Doctors on strike; They are in protest at their poor salaries and poor condition of service due to lack of necessary equipment and water. According to Mungofa, he said, “the authorities are not saying anything about what is happening in the hospitals. And People are dying of avoidable deaths while doctors are on duty because of lack of equipment.”
  • Siguake’s Story; He talks about his experience at one of the country’s biggest hospital Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare. His aunt, who was a victim of cooking gas explosion, was only able to get a spot at the clinic intensive care unit after hours of struggle. According to him, they got to the hospital at 2 am and his aunt was finally admitted at past 6 am.


Sigauke’s story one out of the many Zimbabweans who can not afford decent medical health care food, clothing, and accommodation due to rising costs and the country’s ongoing strike in the health sector.

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