Zimbabwe’s Call For Sanction Lifting.

Zimbabwe calls for the ending of sanctions imposed on it since 2003. Zimbabweans have deemed Sanction lifting necessary for their prosperity. The country highlighted that crippling sanctions are no longer acceptable. The sanctions imposed are slowly destroying an already fragile economy. Economic sanctions are actions that are utilized by trade partners. These actions compel particular countries on precise areas of democratic reform and concern.

Effects of Sanctions

The sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by some countries and organizations are completely intolerable. Some of these sanctions deny the county the support it urgently requires to revive its moribund economy. Moreover, with Zimbabwe suffering already from drought and a recent cyclone that occurred this year.  The sanctions have denied the suffering people of Zimbabwe necessary food aid and their human rights. Furthermore, well off citizens of Zimbabwe cannot improve their quality of life due to these sanctions. Meanwhile, the poorest and the vulnerable have no one to turn to for help.

Sanction Lifting Protests

Sanctions come in various forms, including asset freezes, travel bans, arms embargoes, trade restrictions, capital restraints, and foreign aid reductions. In the struggle by Zimbabwe to end the ever-continuing sanctions, it called for a holiday. This day October 25th became Anti-Sanctions Day. Zimbabweans scheduled protests against sanctions and prayers on this day.  The government prepared a festival in Harare as well on this day.  During the festival,  government officials highlighted the devastating effects of the sanctions enforced by the EU and the United States.

The Leader’s Effort to Recover The Economy.

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Zimbabwe acquired a new president after numerous years under former president Mugabe who died in September 2019. The country’s new president Emmerson Mnangagwa is working tirelessly to turn Zimbabwe around after the former leader’s era of sanctions. The president’s efforts are, however, not bearing the require fruits yet. He stated that his efforts are being slowed down due to the decades of mismanagement and isolation of the country.

The president further noted that “the sanctions are hindering my efforts in the recovery of Zimbabwe’s economy.”

Sanction Lifting Efforts

President Mnangagwa’s government has so far been persistent in its efforts to lift the sanctions. So far the changes made have generated a primary budget and balanced books for Zimbabwe. This stable atmosphere was unseen by the Zimbabwe citizens for decades. In the next stage towards reform, the Zimbabwe government expects to reduce the country’s budget from 12% of GDP to 5%. This aims to achieve through the meeting of monetary and fiscal targets agreed to with the International Monetary Fund. But these efforts aimed at lifting sanctions are at risk, mainly due to the inability of Zimbabwe to acquire international finance because of the sanctions.

“Without any form of external assistance, the process of turning Zimbabwe around is taking longer and is increasingly painful.” President Mnangagwa highlighted

The President added that international support would fasten the process of reform in Zimbabwe. President Mnangagwa called on the universal community to back Zimbabwe in its reform program. He said that the ending of the sanctions would contribute significantly to the flourishing of South Africa as a whole.



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