Zimbabwe Nurses and Doctors Put Down Their Tools

Zimbabwe Nurses and Doctors Put Down Their Tools

The severe outbreak of the pandemic Corona virus, Zimbabwe doctors and nurses have down their equipment, saying that they lack the necessary types of equipment to fight the infection. According to their unions, they are on strike because of the inadequate personal protective equipment for health workers.

Besides, Tapiwa Zvakada, the Zimbabwe doctors’ association spokesperson, says that the doctors are not going to resume their duties, not unless the government provides the necessary and sufficient gears for protection, especially during the outbreak. Furthermore, he also urges the authorities to set up a meeting to discuss the risk allowances as they are not special before the Covid-19.

The fear and need for protection

At the moment, Zimbabwe has recorded only three cases of the Corona virus, with one death case. As per the news, Zororo Makamba, a national broadcaster in the country, died of the infection on Monday, where he was admitted at the Wilkins Infectious Disease Hospital based in Harare. Now, fear plus panic is over nurses and doctors.

According to the Zimbabwe health ministry, the country received two hundred test kits, ten thousand protective suits accompanied by a hundred thousand face masks on Tuesday. The pieces of equipment are inadequate as per the health workers. The good news is that the Chinese government is constructing an Intensive Care Unit at Wilkins Health center. The health minister says the primary purpose of building the ICU is to ensure the critical patients who have been isolated are under necessary care.

The Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association says the outbreak is not going to spare the doctor as well as the health workers at the forefront. It is the same reason the associations ask the government to consider the matter and provide enough kits so as the doctors and nurses can smoothly carry on with their duties. As per the news, they are requesting for gowns, goggles, sanitizers, and N95 respirators as they deal with Covid-19 patients.

Doctors and nurses Right

Like the other citizens, doctors and nurses deserve the right for protection against the deadly Corona virus. Following the need and right, nurses in public hospitals joined the strike on Wednesday. The nurses say that the Zimbabwe health ministry has not taken any actions to meet their requests and needs.

The Professional Nurses Union in Zimbabwe says from the look of things; their concerns are not getting the necessity it ought to have. Due to the claim, the union means, all nurses withdraw their services until the government takes affirmative action. On Wednesday, CNN tried to reach out to the Health minister Obadiah Moyo, but he was not available for comment.


The Corona virus outbreak is a complicated worldwide issue, and it is the same reason why the Zimbabwe government should provide the necessary and adequate pieces of equipment for the doctors as well as nurses. The government should not allow citizens to start doubting about its capability, especially in this time of the pandemic. Right now, the nation deserves all the help they can get so as they can survive.