Yemi Alade to Promote Women’s Empowerment and a Green COVID-19 Recovery as New Goodwill Ambassador for UNDP


Behind the beautiful Nigerian lass is also a drive for women empowerment that UNDP has exploited. Her vast experience with different languages portrayed in her music might as well have put her in the limelight for this prestigious position, communication is key. Yemi Alade today marks a new regime of women defying all odds to get to the top. I would tell her career in music piloted her to stand out in a male chauvinistic industry. This is in awe that she is marked to be among the top Nigerian female artists.

Yemi Alade achievements

Yemi is not your ordinary kind of woman. She has released four albums during her music career, which has earned her various awards in return. In just two years, which is 2018 and 2019, her life has made a significant success. She was nominated in the highly esteemed magazine, Forbes Africa, 30 under 30 lists.  She was also awarded a Headies Award for being the best performer. Her music has gained over 100 million views on YouTube and is the first African female to hit these numbers.

In 2015, her country recognized her as the best female artist of the year. It doesn’t end here. In 2016, she bagged two awards; the independent music award for best album and MTV Africa Music Award for best female. In 2019, she raised the bar too high by collaborating with one of the most influential female artists, Beyoncé. They featured her in “The Lion King; The Gift” album.

Alade’s contribution to UNDPs scope of work

Her interest in extending a helping hand during the COVID-19 pandemic pushed her to join UNDP’s activities. Earlier this year, she was present for the launch of UNDP’s climate action initiative. They actively involved her in promoting COVID-19 response efforts too. She was also spotted with UNDPs administrator, Achim Steiner, in a High-Level Political Forum side event.

The event was addressing the socio-economic impact of the pandemic, especially to those without social protection. Her involvement in these forums has proved that she is would be a valuable voice of reason to people. What better way to welcome her to the UNDP community than appoint her to be an ambassador to help steer forward a voice of hope through the organization.

Alade’s contributions moving forward

Alade hopes to help women who are under no social protection. In her speech, she affirmed that women are the most exposed to the danger of the pandemic. She hopes that through her resilience to help women struggling to be their family’s breadwinner, women’s plights will be addressed. Their health will be a priority that she has dedicated herself together with UNDP’s help to achieve.

Creating a climate change awareness seems to be on her itinerary. Poverty and climate change apparently are intertwined. According to Yemi, addressing poverty and socio-economic issues rely on the presence of favorable climatic conditions. Seeing how these factors affect women, not only in her country but globally, Yemi is more than happy to have found a platform to help curb these problems.



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