Wuhan Coronavirus; A Man Being Treated Largely by a Robot

What is Wuhan coronavirus

Wuhan coronavirus, a member in a similar group of viruses to SARS and MERS has infected a variety of individuals. The disease is pandemic to the residents of Wuhan. However, according to Leo Poon, who is a scientist, he believes the disease is in animals then transmitted to humans. 

This is clear as victims diagnosed with the disease either worked or often shopped in the wholesale seafood market in Wuhan. Where both live and newly butchered animals sold. There are, however, effortless attempts to control the spreading of the disease in China. The disease is highly contagious. A citizen of the U.S suspecting himself of being infected by the virus sought medical help since he had recently visited Wuhan. They diagnosed him with nova coronavirus.



They admitted the man to a hospital near Seattle, and the medical officials are not taking any chances. They transported him to an isolated gurney. The robot is treating the 30-year-old man in isolation. To prevent direct contact between him and the medical staff. 

They design the robot to work with a stethoscope. It communicates its findings to the doctors through a large screen. The medical experts in the room move the robot around to see the patient on the screen. The state officials from Washington affirmed that they had communicated to all the persons close to the patient. They stated that 43 persons would undergo a quick checkup and daily monitored.

Precautionary measures

Being that the disease has killed at least 25 people and about 800 infected in china, the U.S state is cautious with its victim. As a result, the 30-year-old should not discharge soon for the CDC advocates for extra tests.

“They’re looking for the ongoing presence of the virus,” Diaz told CNN on Thursday.

They want to make sure the patient is no longer contagious.

Because of the previous outbreak of Ebola and other contagious diseases, the hospital examined its patients of the illness and set protocols to curb it. They set up treatment with the help of a robot. 

“That’s why we set up protocols that will allow us to treat patients with infectious diseases in a way that we can isolate them without spreading the virus to anyone, “Diaz stated.

Since there is no vaccine to immunize against coronavirus, individuals are advised to stay healthy by avoiding contact with sick people. The virus is easily spread through secretions like a cough. Scientists are, however, worried that there might be an outbreak if the citizens of china relate with other citizens. Most of all, hygiene is mandatory in an attempt to control the spread of the virus. It is essential to always clean hands after touching ditransitive dirty surfaces and also avoid markets with animal slaughtering. In the case of suspected symptoms of the infection, it’s advisable to reach out to a physician. 

Underestimation in china is the leading cause of coronavirus spreading. They do not declare it an outbreak despite the spread. 


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