Wildlife in Zimbabwe Attack Humans due to Drought

Zimbabwe residents appear to be in pain as they pick up what seems to have remained after several attacks from wildlife. Some of them having injuries from attacks of the previous night and are lucky to be on their feet. The wildlife in Zimbabwe has contributed to 36 deaths in 2019, and these numbers seem to rise with time. The records state 311 attacks in 2019, which is a significant rise from 195 of the previous year 2018.

Famished Wildlife Animals  

Zimbabwe, a country in Africa with a significant number of wild animals. The big five wandering freely in the national parks. Hwange National Park is Zimbabwe’s largest game park and is stationed next to the renowned Victoria Falls. However, this park is not fenced; therefore, animals can cross over to the human settlement when food is scarce in the forest area. Authorities are demystifying the reason behind these attacks being the devastating drought being experienced in Zimbabwe. This has therefore led to many game animals breaking out of their habitat in search of pasture or food.

The hungry animals end up raiding human settlements in search of food and water. These raids result in major destruction on human livestock and crops, and it gets worse when they turn on human flesh to resolve their hunger. Most of the animals causing disruption in the region being elephants, buffalos, lions, hippos, and crocodiles. Zimbabwe villagers are often in combat with desperate wild animals.

Elephants are causing most of the fatalities with at least over 200 deaths because of starvation in three months. They scent the forest area with carcasses of malnourished animals who starved to death during the drought.


Authorities suspect that the increased number of human deaths has also been attributed to poaching activities. It mostly attacks most of the villagers while hunting illegally. They have reported incidents whereby poachers have killed rangers during an arrest. The country accounts for a significant decline in poaching. Authorities have placed armed scouts on standby in case of distress calls from villagers. During these responses, accidents are prone to happen, and scouts unintentionally end up harming or killing people through stray bullets.

Locals have also tried to come up with different techniques to scare off wild animals. One way is beating drums when an animal approaches. However, the effect is limited, and some of these animals get used to the noise; therefore, it does not deter them in the long run. Others have opted for peaceful coexistence, thus coming up with techniques that are less harmful and destructive, one of these techniques being lighting chili cakes when the elephants come. Villagers have crafted their unique alarm system by binding empty tins to plants or trees that make sounds when an elephant is approaching. However, it gets clear that humans and animals strive and compete for resources every day, and it possesses a significant risk for both animals and humans.

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