Why the youth in Kenya should consider greenhouse farming

Why the youth in Kenya should consider greenhouse farming
Greenhouse farming in Kenya

Why the youth in Kenya should consider greenhouse farming

Greenhouse farming is nothing new to most farmers in Kenya. It is something that has been there for decades. However, implementation of green house farming is a problem in most parts of the country. What most people don’t know is that green house cultivation is one of the best ideas one can ever think of. We therefore present to you why the youth in Kenya should consider greenhouse farming.

Only a smaller potion of farmers have managed to adopt greenhouse cultivation. The reason for this could be the initial high capital required in setting up a greenhouse.

Another reason could be the perceptions held by the locals about greenhouse products. They don’t think tomatoes and other vegetables from greenhouse can be as healthy as the ones grown from an ordinary farm.

As an unemployed youth looking for some source of stable income, constructing a greenhouse can be your greatest investment.

As a youth, do you think you can be a dedicated agribusiness entrepreneur?

Why greenhouse is your only option

Greenhouse offers full protection of your vegetables from pests and other diseases.

Pests and diseases are common in vegetables. Managing them can also be tedious job. By constructing a greenhouse, you are minimizing production costs in a way.

Because you don’t want to spend most of your time and hard cash trying to stop pests and diseases from entering your farm, you need a greenhouse. It will save you big time!

Vegetables in a greenhouse take shorter periods to mature.

Growing vegetables in a greenhouse minimizes growth period by about 25%.

This means that greenhouse cultivation enable you to produce more and make more money.

Higher temperature in greenhouse enables increased respiration of plants hence rapid growth.

Another reason for accelerated plant growth is that greenhouse polythene increases light intensity which also favors the growth of your plants.

Increased yield

Yield is an essential aspect in any agri-business venture. Greenhouse cultivation increases yield by over 30%.

The fact that greenhouse technology efficiently make use of land encourages urban farming. Greenhouse technology is simply amazing.

As a youth, you can construct a greenhouse in an urban setting. You will realize that you have a ready market in no time.

Easy to operate

Greenhouse cultivation is easier to operate compared to an ordinary farm. The greenhouse technology makes cultivation of your plants easy to operate. You can decide to computerise everything taking place in the greenhouse.

Carrying out greenhouse activities is not as hard as doing it in an ordinary farm. A well planned and built greenhouse can enable you operate as if you are in your normal house.


The agri-business industry is aging with time and young people should take over and make their lives better out of this. What worries is that current generation is full of lazy youth who constantly shy away from this business.

Greenhouse cultivation is a multi-billion industry  which the youth need to have keen interest in. This is also why the youth in Kenya should consider greenhouse farming. It is a great business venture for many jobless youth out there.


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