Why do Africans living in Africa rarely have pets?

Keeping pets in Africa
Keeping pets in Africa

Pet keeping is something every pet owner appreciates. They give unconditional love, companion, and comfort  pet owner gets from keeping the animals in their homes. You can be wondering what types of pets are worth keeping at home? Research shows that most pets kept are home include dog, cat, freshwater fish, birds, horses, and reptiles. But before you choose which friend to add to your family, you should research the pet know its lifestyle. And requirements that it will require before introducing him home.

Generally, pet-keeping is highly practiced with western countries, for example, in America, the United Kingdom, and the Asian countries. Why not in Africa? I don’t have a pet, I take it so usually, and I practically don’t see the need for having one. Of course, my opinion is different from yours, and probably you have one or 50 animals in your home. All in all, pet-keeping is a rare thing in Africa. Here is why Africans don’t keep pets.

Different needs for keeping pets

In local Africa villages, you will find a family with several dogs at his doorstep and cats in the house, but what do they do? Dogs are used for providing security in the home – cats are used to catch mice! They are not considered as pets! Snakes cannot be a pet, they are scary, all over the place, and they bit. Keeping a lion, a reptile as a pet? What for? They are best fit to stay in game reserves, and nobody wants to appreciate them.

Rabbits, Chicken, and duck are food for Africans

Americans keep these animals for pets; for Africans, they are food to put on the table! Many African communities take rabbits for delicacies that everyone would want to have. Chicken and ducks have their markets, and they can be exchanged for money anytime.

No excellent Medicare facilities and pet duties are tough!

Africans have challenges in Medicare and feeding their animals. No one would want to spend extra money to buy pet foods in the stores. Who will keep up with grooming cat, dog walking, and feeding the animal? If finding the meal for the family is a problem, no individual would agree to bring another family member who will make him spend money on feeding another mouth when feeding his family is already a burden. Only a few Africans will contact a veterinary to care for his pet and enter pet stores to buy food for their friends at home.

Few cases to find an Africa lonely and sees a pet for comfort and recovery

In what the pet owners in the western countries see as the essential reason for having a pet. In Africa, that is a whole different scenario, and rarely will you get a sick African with a dog or cat in the name of finding a companion or comfort to their problems in life. An African has almost zero chances to be lonely or depressed to the point of needing a pet by his side.