When You Work From Home, Every Day Is (very) Casual Friday.

When You Work From Home, Every Day Is (very) Casual Friday.
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Since the outbreak of coronavirus many countries around the globe are struggling to combat the disease. Citizens of countries affected are suffering and their governments are trying their level best to help them. Some have encouraged their citizens to work from home.

In Kenya, 9 more cases are on record bringing the total number to 25 cases. Several other countries in Africa and Europe are combating in trying to control the continuous spread of the disease.

The World Health Organization proposes various measures in containing the spread of COVID19. These measures include social distancing, self-isolation once you have knowledge of your status, lockdowns as many countries are doing sanitization and observing proper respiratory hygiene.

Many health officials around the globe opt for people to stay at home and even work at home to stop the spread of the virus. However, this has been a challenge to some people since some types of work need the worker there physically.

Working From Home Concept

Working from home seems to be one of the best ways in helping to stop coronavirus spread. Different individuals around the world are trying to adapt to this method as they continue with their daily routine of work. However, there has been a question about which type of outfit is the most correct while working with your laptop at one’s study desk.

There is no specific or exact dress code while working in your small home office. People wear different clothes such as sweatpants, a pair of shorts and socks, hoodies or even pajamas while working. General cleanliness is also a necessity while working from home, especially bathing early in the morning once you are up from the bed.

Control of coronavirus

With this measure, the control of coronavirus will be easy. White-collar workers are quick to adapt to this control method since many haves exchanged their work outfits to casual ones. For example, opting to sweatpants other than the official business trousers.

Over the past years, fashion has become casual. The casual work environment has challenges though. The research conducted shows that about 65% of the American citizens feel it is vital to wear a nice suit while going for an interview. 50% wear a business outfit from the waist upwards and casual outfits from the waist downwards.

Some researchers question if working from home is healthy or not while others conduct various researches on the meaning behind the aspect of clothing. They found out that communicates not only with others but also gives a way to shape one self’s perception.

In a 2015 research study, researchers found out that depending on an individual, people who tend to dress up have creative thoughts.

Joey Schweitzer, the founder of Better Ideas, says “If you pay attention to staying disciplined, showering as soon as you get up, eating a good breakfast, putting on clothes that make you feel good, you’re going to have a good day. You’re going to pay more attention to the work that you’re doing, and you’re going to feel like a functioning member of society.”