What Kind of Civilization Was in Ancient Carthage

Ancient Carthage
Ancient Carthage

What is civilization? Civilization in simple terms means the way of life of a particular region. African civilization refers to several pre-colonial African empires. The civilizations include Egypt, ancient Carthage amongst others.


#1 The Ancient Carthage

Carthage was an old Phoenician city-state. Its founders founded it around 814 BC as a Tyre colony. Within years, it was the center of the Carthaginian Kingdom that influenced the western region of the Mediterranean. Carthage increased its political and economic dominance across Iberia and islands of the western region of the Mediterranean. It became one of the biggest and wealthiest cities.


Carthage’s richness and power rested mainly on its location. A navy in the ancient Mediterranean and a military of foreign mercenaries secured the kingdom. Carthage was the dominant party in the western region of the Mediterranean, and it came into combat with enemies or rivals. The Romans destroyed the commercial city and built a new city 100 years later.


People remember Carthage for its battle with Rome. Because of the damage of Carthaginian texts, much of what people know about its civilization originates from Greek and Roman writers.


#2 What People Think About Carthage’s Civilization

Many people promote Carthage as a Mediterranean civilization. There are also arguments and discussions that Ancient Carthage might be of black civilization. Through a detailed explanation in this article, you will be able to judge what kind of civilization was in ancient Carthage.


First, we start by looking at the structure of the population in Carthage. The best path to follow when answering a question on Carthage’s demographic is by studying North Africa’s history.


#3 Mediterranean Civilization

Two of the most remarkable Mediterranean civilizations were the Greek city-states and the Phoenicians. The Greeks increased throughout the Black Sea and the Red Sea. The Phoenicians advanced through the western region of the Mediterranean, reaching North Africa.


#4 North Africa History

The desertification of this area affected its history. The history of North Africa can be into 3 periods. Prehistoric North Africa, Ancient North Africa, and Medieval North Africa.


During the prehistoric period, the region was flourishing with trees, rivers, and even wildlife. The prehistoric wall paintings give proof of this. Desertification also affected the lives of prehistoric populations as they migrated to the south.


Garamantes are important people of North Africa civilization.

#5 The Garamantes.

The Garamantes were an old civilization. Records say that they could have existed in the Sahara earlier. They built an empire that spread over 60000 square miles in the Fezzan area of the southern region of Libya. The Garamantes built the 1st urban society in a desert. Garama, their biggest town, had a population of over 3500.


They depended on slaves for their success. Archaeological findings have shown that the small desert tribe was enterprising traders who produced a notable civilization. People find the Garamantes to be a very diverse tribe. The Garamantes structure of the population is vital as people can see it as a model for Carthaginian civilization.


#6 The Carthaginian Civilization.

The Carthage started as a Phoenician colony. Historians speak on the diversity of the Phoenicians and some agree that they originated from the Levant area. Herodotus, an ancient Greek historian, says something about the origin of Phoenicians. He says that according to Phoenicia oral history, they might have been Africans who moved to the Levant area.


He further says that the Phoenicians might have interacted with the people they found in the Levant area hence, expanding their group.


The history of the Phoenician origins causes arguments when it comes to the ‘Africaness’ of Carthage.


#7 The Proof for a Black Carthage

There are pieces of evidence that show ancient Carthage was likely to be of black civilization. Archaeologists found skeletal remains of ancient Carthaginians. The remains were of a priestess. Professor Eugene said the woman had Negro characteristics and belonged to the African race.


#8 The Status of Black People in Carthage

Many people have destroyed the image of black people. This is because whenever ancient history comes up, we assume the presence of Africans in highly civilized places must have been slaves. However, this was not the case in Carthage, as we see the remains of a black priestess. This means that the black people were part of a high-ranking Carthaginian way of life.


From the details above regarding Herodotus and the remains of a black priestess, ancient Carthage might have been a black civilization. It might be wrong to assume this due to a few pieces of evidence, but the proof backing that ancient Carthage might have been a black civilization is strong.



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